Congratulations to Beverly Kemp, Our “A Year of Hugo” Sweepstakes Winner

Everybody loves Hugo!  We’re excited to announce that our “Year of Hugo” Sweepstakes was deluged with entries — a total of 5,335 entries in all!  But there can only be one winner, and the winner is …  (drum roll, please)… Beverly Kemp of Redwood Falls, Minnesota.  Beverly selected New Trick Light Roast as her Hugo Coffee Roasters flavor of choice, and she will be receiving a 12 oz. package delivered to her home once a month for the next year.

Beverly says, “Thank you. I love coffee so this is a big treat for me!” Thanks for entering, Beverly, and congratulations on the win!


It was great to connect with so many coffee lovers through the contest, especially reading all the reasons they gave for why they were entering. Check out some of our favorites below.

“My aunt Eileen has told me so much about you guys and I want to try it out myself :)”

“I LOVE Hugo coffee, that’s why. And I love supporting female small business owners.”

“Because it is simply the best coffee I’ve had and I want to be able to share it with all my friends and family when they come over. This product needs to be sold nationally!”

“Because it’s good, because it’s my local, because it’s roasted on a purple machine, because Claudia is awesome and she loves my dog, Monkey.”

“I love coffee, pizza, and my wife. But, not in that order.”

“There is no better way to treat myself than with a great cup of Hugo Coffee”

“It has such a beautiful, rich taste!”

“I am a doctoral student who, at this point, is probably made of 25% coffee. This would revolutionize my life.”

“It is smooth, well roasted coffee every time.”

“Best Coffee in town!!!”

“Enjoying HUGO coffee with my wife”

“Great coffee is hard to find and Hugo is the best!”

“We have tried lots of different coffee brands but Hugo beats them all.”

“I love HUGO…. I need it to get through the day with my daughter who is going through terrible 2’s- Her nickname is Tornado Ali”

“Good people drink good coffee. Help me stay on the path of light. =)”

“Because Hugo coffee is the most aromatic coffee in the universe!  LOVE IT!”

“I want my Hugo to keep me and my dragon company. His name is Red.”

“My cup should be runnething over!”

“For special coffee moments with my wife of 43 years.”

Stay tuned for more contests and news from Hugo Coffee Roasters. There’s always something going on.

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