Come on down to Hugo to try our new Specialty Roast!


From the country that boasts being the origin of coffee itself (according to most), our next single-origin coffee is from the Adame region of Ethiopia.

Head Roaster John Lynn is excited to bring this coffee to Hugo Coffee Roasters. While he has worked with Ethiopian coffee before, the specific region was new. This presented a fun challenge and new roast for Lynn.

Flavor Profile: “Tart lemon and lime with a creamy mouthfeel and raisiny aftertaste.”


“This lot comes from a producer named Mesele Haile, whose 12-hectare farm comprises several different heirloom Ethiopian coffee varieties, including Wolisho, Kudhume, and Dega.

Along with several other farmer-members of YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union), Mesele Haile has invested in making improvements in his production by building a micromill, and learning advanced techniques to prune and maintain his plants. The addition of a mill has transformed Mesele’s business: Where he formerly tendered his cherry to local cooperative mills, now he is able to better control the harvesting, processing, and fermentation of coffees from his land.

Mesele’s coffee is picked ripe, depulped and sorted, and then dried on raised beds over two weeks, a longer drying period than usual, due to the fact that the coffees are only spread on the beds at certain times of the day. The slower drying, Mesele believes, contributes to the fruity, sweet complexity his coffee has.”

Come on in and have a cup before this limited specialty roast goes!


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