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Superior Roasting

With the Diedrich Roaster including the Afterburner & Oxidizer that eliminates smoke and odor from the coffee roasting process to reduce the emissions released in the surrounding atmosphere .

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It all starts with the choice of suppliers, the choice of the beans. At Hugo we select our beans very carefully and put together just the right combination for the perfect blends.

The art of roasting involves many factors. What temperature to roast? How long to roast? The care in mixing in just the right combination of beans.

It all culminates in the one thing that matters most: how that perfect cup of coffee tastes to you. If it’s not perfect, we haven’t done our job.

Let’s talk coffee.

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“We think coffee should be friendly, welcoming and inclusive.”
Hugo Coffee Roasters
“We want to share knowledge with people, and celebrate the experience together. “
Hugo Coffee Roasters
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