10 important lessons we’ve learned from our dogs

10 important lessons we’ve learned from our dogs

Most dogs spend a lot of time laying around, just watching the world go by. They have an awful lot of time to think - and we are pretty sure they've figured this whole "life" thing out. Below are ten of the hundreds of lessons we've learned from our furry friends. 

1. Nothing worth your time comes easy. 

You might have to beg, shake or even roll over to get what you want.


2. Take a leap.

Emerge yourself in something new. Don't let fear stand in the way.


3. Pursue your talents.

Just. Keep. Trying. 


4. Express your feelings.

If you love 'em, show 'em. 


5. If you’re tired, sleep. 

You can take on the world later. 

6. Live in the moment. 

Feel the wind. Smell the flowers. Eat every meal like it’s your last. 


7. Forgive your friends.

Even if they come home late.


8. Make time for play.

Don’t take life too seriously. Have a little fun, and enjoy the company you're with. 


9. Share.

It's way more fun that way. 


10. Smile hard. 

Like no one is watching. 

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