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Our Favorite Videos of Dogs Playing in Leaves (Just in Time For Fall)

Our Favorite Videos of Dogs Playing in Leaves (Just in Time For Fall)
Who doesn't love watching funny videos of dogs? Better yet, seasonal videos of doggos playing in leaves? Celebrate the arrival of fall with these clips.

Our Non-Profit Partner: Nuzzles & Co

Our Non-Profit Partner: Nuzzles & Co
Here at Hugo Coffee Roasters, we're a little crazy about dogs. And so is our non-profit partner, Nuzzles and Co. Get to know this amazing organization today.

What to Add to Your Cold Brew Coffee Drinks to Take Them to the Next Level

cold brew coffee drinks Hugo Coffee Roasters
If you want to spice up your cold brew coffee drinks, there are plenty of things you could add. Here are some ideas of what to throw in to make them better.

Community Friendly Coffee

drinking hugo community friendly coffee on a hike
Learn how Hugo Coffee prioritizes sustainably farmed beans, environmentally friendly roasting, and dog rescue programs to exhibit good stewardship for our farming, coffee drinking, and dog loving communities.

Earth Friendly Coffee Roasting

earth friendly coffee harvest worker picking coffee cherries
How can you keep your morning cup of coffee from contributing to rainforest destruction? Choose a roaster like Hugo Coffee, who sources beans through reputable coffee importers that not only provide amazing beans, but also choose coffee growers that take steps in sustainable farming.