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Hugo's Origin Story and Mission

Hugo's Origin Story and Mission
Hugo Coffee has grown into a big, wonderful community, but it came from humble beginnings. Our origin story is actually a love story—for coffee, and for dogs.

How to Brew with a Hario V60

How to Brew with a Hario V60
Here's a guide for the pour-over connoisseurs out there. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about how to brew with a Hario v60.

Hugo's Chemex Brew Guide

Hugo's Chemex Brew Guide
Mmm—nothing better than a thoughtfully made coffee in the morning. If a perfect pour-over is what you need, take a look at our comprehensive Chemex brew guide.

Booze Makes Everything Better With These Spiked Coffee Recipes

Booze Makes Everything Better With These Spiked Coffee Recipes
Yes, you can mix booze and coffee. If you're looking for a different kind of pick-me-up, here are some spiked coffee recipes we recommend you try.

Cold Brewing 101: 4 Ways to Make the Perfect Cup of Cold Brew

Cold Brewing 101: 4 Ways to Make the Perfect Cup of Cold Brew
Your perfect cup of cold brew is right at your fingertips. Here's a quick guide to cold brewing at home so you can enjoy your coffee anytime and anywhere.

What to Add to Your Cold Brew Coffee Drinks to Take Them to the Next Level

cold brew coffee drinks Hugo Coffee Roasters
If you want to spice up your cold brew coffee drinks, there are plenty of things you could add. Here are some ideas of what to throw in to make them better.

How to Brew a Cup of Perfect French Press Coffee

perfect french press coffee Hugo Coffee Roasters
There's nothing like a cup of coffee made in a French press. Follow these steps and brew a cup of perfect French press coffee whenever you want.

What is Cold Brew Coffee? How to Make the Perfect Cold Cuppa at Home

What is Cold Brew Coffee? How to Make the Perfect Cold Cuppa at Home with Hugo Coffee
Cold brew has taken the world of coffee by storm in recent years. But what makes cold brew so special? Learn more in this blog, including how to make your own.

5 Surprising Ways to Add Flavor to Your Morning Coffee

Hugo Coffee offers creative ways to spice up your coffee
Coffee never gets boring, but some mornings do (Not saying names but…. Monday’s could use a little perking up). There are so many different creamer flavors available for purchase in local supermarkets, but why not try something new? Add some natural flavors to your morning brew and catch your Mondays off guard.

Keeping Your Mornings Fresh: Coffee Storage Products and Tips

Hugo Coffee in Park City Utah with Tips for Coffee Storage
For anyone who has tasted coffee that was brewed with stale beans that had been stored improperly, you know that storing your coffee the right way is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t think that storing these dried little beans in the wrong place would make such a difference, but it really does. For the sake of your morning and all mornings to come, utilize these tips on coffee bean storage.

Hugo Dark Roast versus Hugo Light Roast: What’s in Your Cup?

A Selection of Hugo Coffee Blends With Proceeds Benefitting Dogs
The amazing thing about coffee is the versatility that comes with the varying roast levels that produce such wonderful flavors and aromas. Here at Hugo Coffee Roasters, we've worked hard to create our own dark roast and light roast blends that speak for themselves. With our furry friends in mind, our dark roast coffee blends include our “Bonafido” and “Black Paw” dark roasts. On the lighter side, we’ve created “New Trick”, our light roast coffee blend.

Differentiating Light and Dark Roast Coffee: Each One Has Its Perks

Light and Dark Roast Coffee at Hugo Coffee Roasters Showing the Coffee Beans with Coffee Benefitting Dogs
Maybe some mornings you wish your coffee packed a little more of a punch, or maybe a little less? Well, thankfully someone discovered the power of roasting coffee beans to a light or dark perfection. Each one holding its own unique properties that transfer into your morning cup of coffee.