Featured Furry Friends


Breed: Husky/Lab
What they really call him: Frankie, Frankenmutt
Favorite people food: Beer
Favorite activity: Eating

Frankenstein was adopted from Furburbia (now Nuzzles & Co) seven years ago by a young couple who named him after the monster he was. The wild pup had been in the shelter for months, as he had a reputation for being untamable (he often attacked people, assuming they'd like to wrestle). But after a couple years of much needed socialization, Frank figured out the difference between dogs and humans. He is now an all-around chiller who spends most his time wrestling with other dogs and chowing down on food.


Breed: Golden Retriever
What they really call him: Bo-Dingus, Bode Miller
Favorite people food: Dairy Queen puppy cones
Favorite activity: Chewing tennis balls to bits

Bode is a one-year-old Golden Retriever who, well, acts like a one-year-old Golden. If he's not shredding the neighbor's tennis balls, you can find him snuggling on the bed or begging for treats. Bode was born with an entropion - his eyelids fold over and rub his eyeball. He recently got surgery to help keep them open. In addition, Bode has undergone 5 operations since he was 5 months old. Expensive? Yes. But he's worth it, his owner said, because Bode is her favorite family member and has improved her life immensely.


Breed: Bernese/Aussie
What they really call him: Finnegan, Fin Diesel
Favorite people food: Peanut butter pretzels
Favorite activity: Being the little spoon

This 7-month old Bernese/Aussie is as social as they get. He's the type of dog who wants to play with everyone he sees, but more than that, Finley LOVES to talk to people. He'll let you know if he's feeling tired, hungry or excited, even when you don't ask. Fin has TONS of energy and requires TONS of exercise. He also thinks the floor is no place for a dog - his owner is currently teaching him to keep all four paws down at all times. Overall, Finley is a sweet puppy (growing rapidly) who likes nothing more than a good snuggle.


Breed: Pitbull Terrier
What they really call her: Princess Foot
Favorite people food: Cheetos Puffs
Favorite activity: Sunbathing

Meet Monkey: the namesake of our famous Turkey & Bacon Sandwich. This sweet Blue Nose Pittie was brought to a Salt Lake shelter after escaping a bad backyard breeding operation six years ago. She was nursed back to health by a foster family and now lives the happiest of lives with her owners in Park City. Monkey loves people, animals (dogs, cats, horses, chickens, you name it), sunbathing, sleeping and eating. She has also spent a lot of time visiting assisted living facilities and schools as registered therapy dog. Monkey hates water, thunderstorms, and fireworks - and you probably won’t see her out hiking, as she’s more of the lounging type.


Breed: Pyrenees/Lab
What they really call him: Rubilicious
Favorite people food: Steak
Favorite activity: Hanging with Hugo

This 11-year-old Pyrenees/Lab mix was rescued from an unmanned shelter in Grantsville, Utah, when she was 7 months old. Ruby is a sweet companion and a very good guard dog; she loves people but isn’t so fond of other pups. In fact, Ruby’s only dog-pal is her brother, Hugo (yep, THE Hugo). When Ruby was first adopted, she wouldn’t let anyone near her – it was Hugo who pulled her out of her shell and eventually taught her how to love people.