Black Paw French Roast ®

Tasting Notes: burnt sugar, dark chocolate, spice

Region of Origin: South America

Description: Black Paw French Roast is a classic, dark roast for that bold, strong cup of coffee that lingers. Start your day or end your meal with a cup of this beloved, big-body coffee that wags French Roast fans' tails.
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Bonafido Dark Roast ®

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South American

Description: Bonafido Dark Roast is tasty, reliable and satisfying. Pour it to everyone’s satisfaction. Make an extra pot while you’re at it, because they’ll be back for more. A bold and round coffee experience built for every cup. Rich flavor. Big mouth feel. What coffee is.
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Roll Over Breakfast Blend ®

Tasting Notes: maple, milk chocolate, nuts

Country of Origin: Peru

Description: Getting out of bed in the morning is ruff. But there’s no need to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over for extra sleep when you’ve got Roll Over Breakfast Blend waiting to ease you into the day. This simple, smooth, easy-drinking coffee with a solid, sweet base will put a smile on your face all day.
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Howler Espresso ™

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, sweet dates, toffee

Region of Origin: South American

Description: Howler Espresso sits in your mouth with big body and bold, rich flavor for espressos and espresso drinks that will get your attention and win your affection. On the darker side. On the richer side. Deep and traditional. Specially roasted for use with espresso machines.
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New Trick Light Roast ®

Tasting Notes: bright, playful, sweet

Region of Origin: Central American

Description: Different, exciting and full of personality, much like the coffee drinkers who appreciate it. New Trick Light Roast is not like the other coffees sitting in your cabinet. It’s lightly roasted so that more of the beans’ natural flavor and caffeine remain. In the tradition of coffee’s third wave (and as its name suggests), this edgy blend is roasted specifically for the adventurous and learned coffee connoisseur.
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Roaster's Choice

Description: This rotating series of coffee is selected by our head roaster from small farms around the world based on what John wants to drink in the morning. They are typically light roasts, single origin and from the freshest crop available. Past Roasters Choice selections have hailed from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Java, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Panama, and Kenya. Only available at some locations.
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Downward Dog Decaf ®

Tasting Notes: banana bread, caramel, cocoa

Region of Origin: Variable. These beans are sourced based on the best decaffeinated beans available.

Description: Designed for those who love the taste and ritual of coffee, but are done with caffeine for the day. Thoughtful bean selection, careful roasting and a unique and natural decaffeination process yield a delightfully strong decaf without the burnt, smoky, chemical taste typical of other decaffeinated coffee. Relax, rejoice, repeat.
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Dog Daze Cold Brew ®

Tasting Notes: chocolate, nut, spice

Region of Origin: Central Africa

Description: Bring the coffee shop experience straight into your kitchen and into your campsite with Dog Daze Cold Brew. These hand-selected and meticulously roasted beans make it easier than ever to whip up your own top quality, cold brew concentrate. Strong. Bold. Rich. Smooth. With this refreshing jolt at the ready, surviving the dog days of summer is a breeze.
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