About Hugo Coffee

We love coffee and dogs, and not necessarily in that order. 

Proceeds from every retail bag of Hugo Coffee sold support dog rescue organizations, including Best Friends Animal Society Utah and Nuzzles & Co. Additionally, we collaborate with our retail partners on adoption and education events, and we hold our own fundraisers all to add to our give back. 



Fair trade, organic, non GMO, responsible, ethical, sustainable, single origin, small batch… There are a lot of terms applied to coffee nowadays. Here’s what we think matters and what we’re 100% committed to at Hugo Coffee Roasters: 


Ensuring the health, safety and happiness of everyone involved in producing Hugo products is of paramount importance to us. The majority of beans we procure are certified Fair Trade Organic. Sometimes, however, we deal with small family farms and/or co-ops. In the case of single estates, we know who is growing the beans and managing the farm. In the case of cooperatives, we know how they’ve come to be and that schooling, healthcare and fair labor practices are ensured for all family members.  


Hugo Coffee Roasters is located in a progressive mountain community that celebrates its natural environment. Park City and Summit County, Utah have pledged to run on 100% renewable energy by 2032. We’re doing our small part in a couple of important ways. Our Diedrich roaster heats Hugo Coffee beans with a combination of natural gas and infrared heat, thereby using less energy than traditional coffee roasters. A second machine called an oxidizer processes particulates and smoke created during the roasting process, leaving the air cleaner. 


Because the small coffee farms and co-ops we source from aren’t always able to supply the quantities we need, our Head Roaster, John, considers everything from varietal to region to the precise altitude beans were grown at in order to inform Hugo Coffee’s small batch approach to roasting. This tightly controlled process and the subsequent blends are how we ensure your sacred coffee ritual remains consistent day in and day out. 



What is Hugo Coffee Roasters?

We are a small but mighty coffee company located in Park City, UT. Our roastery is where we process ethically and sustainably harvested beans to produce the range of coffees we sell online, at grocery and retail partners and through our flagship café, Hugo Coffee Shop. The shop (located at 1794 Olympic Parkway inside the Park City Visitor’s Center) is where we serve up delicious coffee and other beverages, as well as great food and snacks 7 days a week. We’ve got fast Wi-Fi and mountain views for days. And your pups are always welcome to join you in our shop!


What exactly is the Hugo Coffee Roasters’ giveback program?

All of Hugo Coffee Roasters’ employees have two things in common; we love coffee and dogs (not necessarily in that order). In 2018, we married our passions and launched our giveback program to donate a portion of our proceeds to dog rescue. Thanks to the generous support of coffee and dog lovers like you, we donated over $8,000 in 2018.

As of 2019, 8% of our net sales are donated to vetted and accredited animal rescue organizations throughout Utah’s Summit and Salt Lake Counties. When we pop-up at special events, 20% of our proceeds are donated to whichever rescue we partner with. As our company grows and our #coffeewithapaws mission spreads, we intend to increase our giving and expand the program to support animal rescue in other states .


How does Hugo Coffee Roasters determine which non-profit rescues receive donations?

For our own direct to consumer sales at Hugo Coffee Roasters, all in-store sales benefit Wasatch back rescue organization, Nuzzles & Co. All online sales benefit Wasatch front based Best Friends Animal Society Utah.

For donations generated through sales at our grocery and retail partners, owners/managers of those establishments make the choice, which have included Paws For Life, Canines With a Cause and Utah Animal Adoption Center. With proceeds donated through pop-up events, we let our event partners choose their rescue beneficiary.


Can I choose which rescue organization my purchase benefits?

At present, we only allow our wholesale customers to determine their beneficiary. If you wish to know the beneficiary of your favorite local grocer/retail shop, we are happy to provide that information! Shoot us an email at: hello@hugo.coffee


I am a wholesale buyer. How can I get Hugo Coffee Roasters’ products in my establishment?

Drop us a line at: hello@hugo.coffee. We can discuss pricing, shipping and a beneficiary of your choosing! We are open to opportunities through the United States and its territories.


I’d like Hugo Coffee to pop-up at my next event. How do I make that happen?

For more information and details on a Hugo Coffee Roasters presence at your event, please contact our event guru, beth@hugo.coffee


Why not give back to all animals and not just dogs?

We look forward to the day that we can support all animals in need, from horses to kitty cats to hamsters and more! In these initial stages of our giveback program, we feel it most effective and in line with our brand (Hugo is a dog, after all) to focus our efforts exclusively on dog rescue.