4 Ways to Make Potty Training Your Dog More Successful

Few things in life are more exciting than bringing a new dog into the family. Your new furry friend will be your companion, guardian, and responsibility.

While you might want to get straight to playtime and long walks, you will have some business to take care of first. Potty training your dog is an essential first step towards making your new pet a true family member.

It might seem stressful at first, but as long as you follow these tried and tested ways of potty training your dog, you’ll be done in no time.

1. Start With a Positive Attitude and Remain Patient When Potty Training Your Dog

When housetraining your dog, patience is absolutely crucial. This is especially true if you have adopted a rescue that might be wary of humans.

If you are impatient with your dog, you risk making them feel threatened or unsafe, and potty training will take longer. Keep at it, and eventually, your dog will learn precisely where to go. 

2. Make Sure Your Dog Is Comfortable and Has Plenty of Space to Potty

Knowing how to potty-train a puppy means knowing how much space to give them. Estimates for potty area sizes vary, but a general consensus is that a medium-sized puppy requires at least an 8×8 area to go potty comfortably.

Ideally, you can restrict the area in your backyard with a fence or specific piece of turf. Then, if your dog has a potty spot that they feel comfortable in and know is their own, they will learn the ropes much faster. 

3. Reward Your Dog for Going Potty in the Right Spot

One of the best tips for potty training we can offer is always to reward your dog when they go potty in the right spot.

This will help encourage your dog to do this in the future, and it will tell them that they did a good thing. Simply giving them a dog treat that they enjoy will help build that association in their mind.

You do not need to be harsh or punish your dog for going potty in the wrong place, but you should make sure you are not encouraging this. 

4 Ways to Make Potty Training Your Dog More Successful

4. Be Consistent With Your Commands and Rewards

Consistency is one of the best pet care tips for any animal. This is especially true when potty training your dog. You must ensure that you are encouraging your dog to go potty in the same place.

You must also make sure you reward good behavior consistently and discourage bad behavior in the same manner.

Failure to do this will only confuse your dog about how to go potty the right way and drag out the training phase for longer. 

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Potty training your dog can be frustrating, but it is also an important bonding experience. If you get this right now, you can set up healthy and hygienic behavior patterns that will last a lifetime.

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