Coffee with a Paws

Good coffee and saving dogs. That's what we do. And every time you drink a cup of Hugo Coffee, you're saving dogs, too. Proceeds from each retail bag sold help feed dogs in shelters. 

So enjoy a cup, save a pup, and turn your daily ritual into an act of kindness.

The Hugo Blog

5 Surprising Ways to Add Flavor to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee never gets boring, but some mornings do (Not saying names but…. Monday’s could use a little perking up). There are so many different creamer flavors available for purchase in local supermarkets, but why not try something new? Add some natural flavors to your morning brew and catch your Mondays off guard.

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Keeping Your Mornings Fresh: Coffee Storage Products and Tips

For anyone who has tasted coffee that was brewed with stale beans that had been stored improperly, you know that storing your coffee the right way is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t think that storing these dried little beans in the wrong place would make such a difference, but it really does. For the sake of your morning and all mornings to come, utilize these tips on coffee bean storage.

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