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Coffee & Dog Blog

Cold Brew: Different Brewing Methods

Making your own cold brew is an important skill to have. If you’re ready to learn, here’s a guide to the different cold brew brewing methods you can use.

Coffee & Dog Blog

5 Enrichment Activities for Your New Dog

Enrichment activities are a great way to bond with your new dog, while keeping them healthy and happy. Check out these 5 enrichment activities for dogs now.

Coffee & Dog Blog

The Process of Roasting Coffee

Nothing compares to a cup of coffee to start your day. But you might be wondering about how it’s made. Click here to learn about the process of roasting coffee.

Coffee & Dog Blog

Water and Coffee: Keys to a Perfect Cup

Photo Credit: fancycrave1/pixabay.comCoffee connoisseurs have plenty to deal with while making a perfectly extracted cup of coffee. Finding the right type of coffee, the right grind, and the right brewing setup are all part of the equation. One of the most overlooked...

Coffee & Dog Blog

What’s the Deal with Instant Coffee?

Photo Credit: AmericanAez220/pixabay.comInstant coffee was once one of the most popular brewing methods in the country. In the day before K Cups and a Starbucks on every corner, instant coffee was a quick and economical way to get a jumpstart on the morning. Today,...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Is Coffee the Next Pre-workout?

As we approach the New Year, there is no doubt that many of us will be hitting the gym to shed a few pounds. Along with working out comes all of the exercise accouterments: sweatbands, squeezy water bottles, leg warmers, and of course, supplements. One of the most...

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