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Coffee & Dog Blog

What is Cold Brew Coffee Anyway?

Cold brew coffee has risen drastically in popularity over the past five years. Whereas the latte was once the go-to drink of the chronically cool, the widespread availability of espresso drinks in the U.S. has rendered it somewhat passé. Today the hip kids have moved...

Coffee & Dog Blog

What coffee myths do you wish would vanish?

When something dear to your heart is misunderstood, it can be hurtful. For us, that's coffee. Myths about coffee are not hard to come by. We reached out to some coffee enthusiasts to see what coffee myth they wish would vanish. Read below to see what they had to...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Can I Drink Coffee Before Bed?

Anyone publicly drinking coffee after 3:00 p.m. has heard some nag say, “Coffee now? Wow, you’ll be up all night!” The idea seems reasonable. Many people drink coffee for the caffeine punch that boosts their energy levels and keeps them moving at work. Drinking coffee...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Measure Coffee to Get the Perfect Cup Every Time

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t measure coffee with anything but your eyes. If you’re sophisticated, you might have a measuring system involving a number of spoons or scoops. Friends, it is 2021 and time for us to evolve. Gone are the days of smashing...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Looking to Strengthen Relationships? Coffee can Help

If you’ve ever been awake in bed wondering, “How do I effectively show love to the people near me?” a coffee roasting company might not be the first resource you turn to for the answer. Your therapist might try to convince you that the answer is open communication,...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Taste Coffee Like a Connoisseur: Let’s Talk About Aftertaste

Talking about coffee might be our favorite activity that isn’t drinking coffee. Coffee fiends love to try new brews and blends, but what good is trying new coffees if we can’t describe them? Whether you want to tell your friends about the fantastic new blend you found...

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