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Coffee & Dog Blog

How Do I Make Coffee On the Run?

Okay, you might not be “on the run” per se. The cops are probably not on your tail, but finding good coffee on the road can be hard. While gas station coffee certainly has its own hallowed place in the pantheon of things that aren’t actually good, but satisfy a...

Coffee & Dog Blog

The Incredible History of Coffeehouses

Coffee shops are a fixture across modern America. There are national chains, small shops, cafés, shacks, and stands on practically every corner. Regulars at coffee shops know that they aren’t just a place to get a cup of coffee; they’re a social environment. They can...

Coffee & Dog Blog

7 of the Most Common Coffee Gadgets for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

How do you make coffee? The answer is that it depends on what kind of device you have to make it. If you are just beginning to experiment with making coffee at home, you will have to purchase a brewing device. We took the time to outline some of the most popular...

Coffee & Dog Blog

Hugo: The Furry Face Behind Our Brand

As you may have already noticed, we have a beautiful dog in our logo named Hugo. But you may wonder why we called a coffee roasting company after a dog and why that dog is so essential for us.

Coffee & Dog Blog

21 Coffee Terms to be a Coffee Sophisticate

Tasting Terms As wholesale coffee retailers, our team has tasted a LOT of coffee. Not only do we taste it, but as a coffee supplier, we have to find ways to describe the taste of our blends and products to our customers. How do we do this? By developing our...

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