Our fundraiser partner of the week is Tiny Paws Rescue Utah! They will receive a donation of $2.50 for every item sold through our website between 7/15/24 – 7/21/24! 

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Who We Are

Located in Park City, UT, Hugo Coffee Roasters is the only female-founded, WEBNC-certified coffee roaster with an animal welfare mission. We fulfill this mission by hosting weekly, weeklong fundraisers that directly support a specific small animal sanctuary around the nation. We do this because we know that the hard work of animal rescue is done by the thousands of small, financially strapped, volunteer-based rescues and sanctuaries dotting the country. And we want our donations to have an immediate impact. Hugo Coffee donates $2.50 for every item sold during the fundraiser.

Meet the Founder - Claudia McMullin

Owner and Founder, Claudia McMullin is a “reformed lawyer,” in her own words. She moved to the small town of Park City, Utah after leaving the bustle of the east coast when looking for a change of pace.

Since 2018, Hugo Coffee’s mission has been to give back to animal rescue organizations and save dogs. Claudia even named it after her own sweet rescue dog, Hugo. As a woman-owned coffee roaster, Claudia has gained much acclaim as an industry professional with collaborations with PepsiCo, FritoLay and the Stacy’s Rise project

About Our Coffee

Our fantastic, fair-trade, organic coffee is sustainably sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, and Tanzania. Our coffee is also certified organic and vegan!

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