Our fundraiser partner of the week is Touch of Grey Rescue! They will receive a donation of $2.50 for every ITEM sold through our website between 1/23/23 – 1/29/23!

The Hugo Coffee Roasters Mission

Drink Coffee | Save Animals

Turn Your Daily Ritual Into An Act of Kindness


Meet Our Partners

Our Mission

To save animals by roasting and selling fantastic, fair-trade, organic coffee. Our vision is to be the go-to coffee for animal lovers nationwide.

If you’ve ever purchased Hugo Coffee, you’ve helped us save dogs!

We’ve donated $87,453 to date – thanks to you!

Rescue Dogs Adopted Through Adoptable Moment

Spay / Neuter Operations


Dog Beds

Shelter Meals

Coffee with a “Paws”

Good coffee and saving dogs. That’s what we do.

Fundraising Partners

Here are some of the great organizations Hugo Coffee and Fluffy Cow Coffee have teamed up with:

Salt Lake City Animal Services, SLC, UT

The SLC Animal Services is the largest no-kill facility located in Utah. This organization advocates for domesticated animal protection and education for more humane care and treatment. SLC Animal Services provides full-time veterinary services for animals.

They also offer pet adoptions, respond to emergencies involving injured animals, investigate animal cruelty complaints, and provide a home to abandoned pets.

Hugo Coffee Mission

All About Our Fundraising Process

If you’re interested in our fundraising process for our Hugo Coffee Fundraising Program, keep reading. We’re telling you everything you need to know right here.

Hugo Coffee Mission

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