Our fundraiser partner of the week is Tiny Paws Rescue Utah! They will receive a donation of $2.50 for every item sold through our website between 7/15/24 – 7/21/24! 

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Who is Hugo Coffee Roasters?

Hugo Coffee is a female-founded & certified coffee roaster located in Park City, UT. We are on a mission to save animals by selling fantastic coffee nationwide. Our roastery is where we process ethically and sustainably harvested beans to produce the range of coffees we sell online, in grocery, and through other retail partners.

What exactly is the Hugo Coffee Roasters’ giveback program?

All of Hugo Coffee Roasters’ employees have two things in common; we love coffee and animals (not necessarily in that order). So in 2018, we married our passions and launched our animal rescue giveback program. We support small animal rescues and sanctuaries in many ways, primarily by holding weekly week-long online fundraisers whereby we donate $2.50 for every item sold online during the course of an entire week to a specific, small animal rescue or sanctuary. We know that these smaller rescues are volunteer-based, cash-strapped organizations that need help the most, and we want to have an immediate impact so they can continue to help animals of all species!

How does Hugo Coffee Roasters determine who to partner with?
Our fundraising partners often reach out to us! Do you run a 501c3-approved (or are in the process of becoming 501c3-approved) rescue or sanctuary or have a rescue or sanctuary you would like to nominate to be a fundraiser partner? We would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at hello@hugo.coffee and let’s get your favorite organization on our fundraiser calendar!
Do you only give back to dog rescues?

Nope! Claudia’s handsome rescue dog, Hugo, is the inspiration behind the brand, but we want to help ALL animals! Through our giveback program, we have helped dogs, cats, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, bunnies, and many more species! We always say we don’t care what animals we are helping, as long as we are helping! Be sure to check out our sister brand Fluffy Cow Coffee to learn about how we help farm animals!

Where do you ship?
We are proud to now offer shipping options to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska with a minimum order amount of $40 USD at a flat $15.00 shipping cost. We of course also ship throughout the 48 contiguous United States.
What is the shelf life of your coffee?
The Best By date on our coffees is nine months from the day it was roasted. All of our bags are nitro-flushed. What is nitro-flushed, you ask? Nitrogen flush is the process of using nitrogen gas to remove oxygen from our packaged coffees, thus increasing its shelf life and freshness!
Which grocery stores carry Hugo Coffee?
Hugo Coffee products are available in four Whole Foods locations in Utah, Harmons (Utah), Bristol Farms in Southern California, and Harris Teeter on the East Coast and Southern region!
Where do your coffee beans come from?
We source our 100% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, and Tanzania.
My organization is having a fundraising event. Can Hugo Coffee donate items for silent auction/live auction/raffles?
We are happy to donate items to animal-related fundraising events! Send us an email at hello@hugo.coffee with the dates and details of your event!
I am a wholesale buyer. How can I get Hugo Coffee Roasters’ products in my establishment?

You can fill out the form on our Wholesale page listed under ‘Coffee’ OR Contact us at: hello@hugo.coffee, and we can discuss pricing and shipping! We are open to opportunities throughout the 48 contiguous United States.

Hugo Coffee Roasters FAQ

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Hugo Coffee Roasters FAQ

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