5 Enrichment Activities for Your New Dog

Of the 80+ million US pet owners, who wouldn’t want the very best for their furry friend? Indeed, that’s why you’re here, looking for enrichment activities for dogs. 

Because man’s best friend needs to be stimulated and work off a little of that excess energy when you’re at work. Fortunately, dogs have many activities to stimulate their minds and work off some of that energy.

What Are Enrichment Activities?

Enrichment is a term often used in zoology. This is because animals, when kept in captivity, require additional stimuli to keep up their natural behaviors and live richer, more enjoyable lives.

Puppers are no different. Enrichment improves dog health, letting them live longer, more enjoyable lives.

1. Physical Enrichment

Are you looking to get out of the house? Take your dog for walks in different areas to explore new smells and sights.

Dog parks are great to get acquainted with other nearby dogs. Hiking appropriate trails will allow them to get a broader smell of the whole wide world while also keeping them healthy and fit.

2. Mental Enrichment

Mentally stimulating games for dogs help them keep preoccupied when you’re at work. It also helps them learn fundamental problem solving and can help with certain breeds of hunting dogs.

Popular mental enrichment items are puzzle feeders. These are a series of pieces that cover up or hold treats in place. Your dog must often deduce how to get the goodies out through pawing or nuzzling.

These are a lot of fun for the dog and you, as you get to see just how your pup will tackle suck problems.

3. Obstacle Courses

A combination of mental tasks and physical movement will satisfy any energetic pup. Obstacle courses are easy to set up with a few obstacles and treats at the ready.

You can make your own visit unique dog parks offering tubes for your pups to crawl through or poles for them to jump and weave between.

For pet owners with more than one pup, it’s fun to get your dogs in sync with each other.

4. Olfactory Activities: Snuffle Mat

One of the best enrichment games for dogs is snuffling mats. These simple plastic sheets can be woven together with various fabrics, toys, and old rags that you may have been planning to throw out.

Now, your dog has something to focus on, tearing and pulling away at the strings rather than any of your other clothes or furniture.

5. Muffin Tin Hide & Seek

Other activities for dogs include the ever-hilarious muffin-tin hide and seek game.

It’s simple to set up, requiring only a muffin tin, something to cover the muffin holes, and a few treats. Tennis balls work great for this. Hide a few treats in the tin, and watch as your dog tries to sniff them out!

Enrichment Activities for Dogs

Enrichment activities for dogs are crucial to their health and well-being. And like dogs, people need to get out there and take care of themselves.

That’s why we offer an array of marvelous coffees to help people start the day on the right foot. Order some today. Your dog will thank you.