5 Surprising Ways to Add Flavor to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee never gets boring, but some mornings do (Not saying names, but…. Monday’s could use a little perking up). There are so many different creamer flavors available for purchase in local supermarkets, but why not try something new? Add some natural flavors to your morning brew and catch your Mondays off guard.


Aside from their delicious aromas and health benefits, spices add some delicious flavor to a cup of coffee. Cinnamon flavored coffee isn’t a new idea, but you’ll typically find that cinnamon flavor is added via flavored syrup, or the coffee comes preflavored artificially.

Cinnamon and nutmeg can really enhance a coffee’s flavor, especially during the cooler months of the year. Talk about the perfect holiday drink for chilly mornings. Other spices like cardamom or even turmeric can also be added to a cup of coffee.

Not to mention, these spices come loaded with health benefits. For instance, cinnamon is said to contain antioxidants, in addition to anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon and nutmeg both have been found to play a role in helping with blood sugar control.

Turmeric is also a huge health-promoting component. Similar to cinnamon, turmeric contains lots of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Great flavor and a healthier lifestyle? What more could you ask for from a flavorful cup of coffee?

Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is, hands down, one of the more popular coffee flavors out there. Using a store-bought vanilla creamer or pre-flavored coffee grounds isn’t the only way to get this delicious flavor in your morning cup of coffee. Adding some vanilla extract or even some real vanilla beans before or after your coffee has been brewed is another way to add a new, exciting flavor to your coffee.

Vanilla is such a versatile flavor you could always add to other flavors such as cinnamon and nutmeg or chocolate. You can add these flavors to your coffee before or after brewing. It may take some trial and error to find out what flavor combination is your favorite.

Dairy Alternatives

Someone out there has figured out how to make a “milk” or “creamer” out of just about any nut, making adding flavors that aren’t your typical cow milk or cream that much easier. This is great news for people who are lactose intolerant and the coffee-loving population out there who want to add something new to their coffee.

Dairy substitutes like coconut milk and almond milk not only add great flavor to coffee, but they also come with tons of health benefits. Almond milk is known for its high protein and calcium levels, especially.


Coffee is not meant to be boring. Its sole purpose is to bring excitement to your mornings. Adding new flavors to your coffee has become as easy as taking a walk over to your spice cabinet and grabbing some cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. Maybe you still need to have a little creaminess in your coffee along with this assortment of flavors? A splash of almond milk or soymilk should do the trick. Adding new, exciting flavors to your morning is as easy as that. Not to mention some of these flavors come packed with great health benefits!