7 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The holidays are here, and you’re racking your brain to figure out what to buy for that person on your list who has everything. If they love coffee, this opens ups a world of possibilities. We’ve got you covered with gift ideas that the coffee fans in your life will love.

Coffee Liqueur

The only thing that might make coffee better is a little bit of booze. Coffee liqueur isn’t as versatile as many other liquors, so it’s rare that people buy it for themselves, even if they enjoy it. This makes it a great gift for drinkers who love coffee, as they can use it to make a classic Irish coffee, a hip coffee martini, the ever-popular White Russian, or a wide variety of other yummy cocktails. If you’re lucky, they might even give you a sip. Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to pick up a bottle of fine coffee liqueur through an online retailer, or you may have to shop for this gift in person. Either way, don’t leave it until the last minute, or you may miss out on it when stores are closed.

A Variety Pack

What is the only thing better than getting one gift? Getting several! Variety packs are a great option for a blossoming coffee connoisseur who wants to try everything. Hugo Coffee Roasters offers a sampler pack of premium, whole bean coffee for that reason. Try our favorite blends, from our New Trick Light Roast to our Roll Over Breakfast Blend. Spending a day sampling fresh coffee sounds like a dream come true.

Coffee Cosmetics

For many coffee lovers, the thing that draws them most to coffee is the aroma. Just the smell of freshly-brewed coffee can lift a person up nose-first on the wafting vapors like they’re in a cartoon. Why not let someone have that smell all the time? With the number of coffee-scented products on the shelves these days, they can. Coffee lotions, coffee soaps, perfumes, oils, and even antiperspirants can be found for people who can’t get enough of the smell. If you’re feeling thrifty, you can even make a coffee scrub yourself, which will leave your skin feeling and smelling fresh. With some old coffee grounds and a few household ingredients, you can DIY a luxurious self-care item.

Coffee Plant

There seems to be an overlap between people who love a good cup of coffee and people who love keeping houseplants. Maybe it’s the coziness of each? If you know someone who loves their houseplants as much as they love coffee, why not combine both interests? Order them a coffee plant. While it sounds exotic, coffee plants are widely available for low prices in nurseries or online. They are relatively hardy plants and don’t require much upkeep. The broad, emerald leaves are a welcome addition to most plant collections.

A Burr Grinder

This may not be a budget option, but a burr grinder is a great gift idea for coffee lovers or foodies in general. The burr grinder is used to grind coffee, herbs, or spices. Many models include adjustable settings that allow you to control how finely your coffee is ground. This is ideal for anyone who wants to adjust the coffee they buy to one of several methods for brewing, such as a pour-over, Moka pot, or Aeropress. If your coffee lover likes to switch up their brewing style, an adjustable grinder is a must.

An Espresso maker

This is another high-budget option but certainly worth considering. The espresso is the Queen of Coffee, after all. While the high price of many espresso machines may seem off-putting, consider it an investment, especially if you enjoy espresso-based drinks frequently. While a shot of espresso or a latte can cost several dollars at a coffee shop, brewing your own at home can cost cents. Even if you only buy a latte once a week, the money you save by making your latte at home can pay off your new machine within six months. Additionally, while espresso machines were once only viable for a retail space, home models have become increasingly affordable. Several models are available for less than $100, and some are priced as low as $50.

A Travel Mug

Everyone who loves coffee needs a quality travel mug. Most people who already have one need another. We can’t count the number of times we’ve misplaced a mug and don’t have time to look for it before we rush out the door in the morning. The nice thing about a mug is that it can be made so personal. If your gift recipient loves a particular book, podcast, sports team, or hobby, there is a decent chance a mug is available for it. Even Hugo Coffee has a travel mug.

If your gift recipient is often on the go, you might pair this gift with an instant coffee option. While coffee powders or crystals are quite popular, they often have the flavor of a dehydrated coffee substitute. Why not give them a real instant coffee instead? Our teabag-style instant coffee is made with real coffee but designed to be brewed in your single-serving mug. With some hot water and a brew bag, you can make fresh coffee anywhere. If that sounds appealing, we took the liberty of putting them together for you in our Coffee on the Go Pack. Making it that easy is our gift to you.