7 Ways You Can Support Dog Rescue

Animal rescue is one of the key missions of Hugo Coffee Roasters. Our company is dedicated to helping dogs and other animals find safety and love. Not only do we say we love dogs, but our coffee directly supports animal rescue by donating a percentage of our net profits to a variety of organizations that rescue dogs and other pets. If you have ever wanted to get involved in rescue work, here are a few ways to get started.

1.) Adopt an Animal

Adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue organization is the best way to give an animal specific care and love. The obvious upside of doing this is you get to add a 4-legged friend to your life! Practically, be sure to look into the responsibilities of animal adoption. Pet ownership comes with a cost. You will have to spend money on food, toys, the vet, and miscellaneous other expenses.

You will also need to spend time and energy caring for your pet. Some breeds may not be suitable for your lifestyle. Adopting a high-energy breed like a husky may not be the best choice for a person who hates going on walks and lives in a studio apartment. While owning a dog can be rewarding, you will need to make sure you possess the resources necessary to have a pet in your life. You can see some of the pets our team has adopted here. Our smiles tell you that we are very happy with this decision.

2.) Volunteer

If owning an animal just is not a possibility for you right now, there is still plenty you can do. Many organizations desperately need volunteers to help make their organizations run. Volunteering allows you to bring your specific talents to dog rescue. You might be cleaning out kennels one day, walking dogs another, or taking over social media and making fundraising calls the next. If you are interested in volunteering, find an organization in your area and give them a call. You can speak to a volunteer coordinator who can likely find plenty for you to do. Some people even turn their volunteer experience into a career, working daily with non-profit organizations to take care of animals in need of care and a forever home.

3.) Foster a Pet

While adopting an animal long-term may not be feasible for you, have you considered fostering? Fostering an animal allows you to keep them for a short time until they are adopted into a long-term family. Foster animals are often in desperate need of TLC from a dedicated owner, whether they are too sick to live in a shelter or simply cannot adapt to shelter life. These animals might be nervous, require regular medical attention, or need consistent training. Despite the demands of fostering an animal, the rewards can be huge. Nursing a sick animal back to health or simply giving them the love they need to thrive offers an incredible sense of satisfaction. If you think fostering can be a part of your life, reach out to local organizations and volunteer to foster.

4.) Make a Donation

Shelters and rescue organizations need all the help they can get. If you lack the time to volunteer or resources to support a pet, why not simply make a donation? You can choose to give once, or many organizations allow you to donate on a monthly basis. Think of it as supporting a Patreon for dog rescue. Feel free to think creatively, as your donations do not have to be monetary. You can donate food, leashes, kennels, homemade chew toys, or treats. Many items can be made entirely from recycled materials, making them effectively free. Talking to the organization near you might give you a better idea of what materials they need and what you can contribute to support their mission.

5.) Be a Responsible Pet Owner

One of the best ways you can support these organizations is by not contributing to the problems. Many pets in shelters or foster situations are lost pets without tags. Making sure your animals have tags or microchips ensures that they can be returned home if they tend to wander. Additionally, the number of strays and feral animals can be dramatically reduced by participating in spay and neuter programs. These programs prevent animals from breeding and increasing the number of animals in need of services. With some animals like cats, these programs also prevent them from invading the surrounding environment and causing ecological damage. Feral cats and outdoor housecats have contributed to widespread declines in bird populations, even driving some species to extinction. Curbing population growth and simply keeping housecats indoors is one of the best ways to protect our pets and protect the environment as well.

6.) Get Involved in Local Politics

Many city-operated shelters find themselves lacking the funding necessary for their mission. This is where you can get involved. Keep an eye out for city ordinances and funding bills that can affect the rescue and animal control missions in your city. Local politics can often be swung by a handful of votes, so canvassing for bills you support, making donations to candidates, and even calling your city officials with your concerns can make a measurable impact on the animals in your community.

7.) Get Involved Online

Social media is a great way to reach out to friends and family about the causes that matter to you. Sharing content about animal rescue may get others curious about how they can get involved. Lastly, you can use apps like Facebook or Twitter to let the community know which organizations need help and what those organizations need. Coordinating donations via Facebook groups can be an easy way to make a difference.

One last way you can support animal rescue? Try our products! Hugo Coffee Roasters offers a wide range of coffee products, from whole private label beans to single servings of instant coffee in tea-style bags. A percentage of our profits is donated to a variety of organizations and missions that help animals. Buying coffee that supports animal rescue is an easy way to treat yourself and treat the animals, too.