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A Complete Guide to Latte Art

Do you want to learn how to do latte art?

Lattes are among the most popular coffee drinks. This is mainly because there are tons of variations of latte available in any coffee shop you visit. No matter what kind they are, though, they all have something in common.

Latte art catches the eye of most customers, enticing them to try out more of the drink. If you want your latte to be beautiful and eye-catching, read what we have below. We’ll give you some latte art techniques to help you create amazing art.

Steam Your Milk First

Preparing your milk first allows you to streamline the latte making process later on.

The best way to do this is by taking cold milk and steaming it to the right temperature and consistency. Using cold milk is best, so your milk doesn’t change too much as you steam it.

When steaming, you’re looking for the consistency of wet paint for your milk. This ensures that it has the right texture and flavor to complement your espresso.

Pull the Espresso

Pulling the espresso is a delicate process. Exerting too much force during the extraction from the grounds will make the espresso too flavorless. You must know how to exert the right amount of pressure when pouring a cup of espresso to achieve the perfect flavor.

The best way to do this is by applying enough pressure for the espresso to pour in slowly. The coffee tends to be sweeter if you pull it long enough. What’s great is that adding a bit of cream to this can make for a great cup of coffee on its own.

Pour the Milk

Next is to pour the milk onto the espresso. When doing this, make sure to tilt the cup to ensure the milk pour all the way to the bottom. Place the pitcher of milk at the center of your cup to ensure you get a smooth pour.

As the latte rises to the top, begin pouring in more milk faster. Inch your pitcher closer to the cup to have the milk stay at the surface of the cup. It would help if you also straightened out your cup at this point to avoid spilling it.

Latte Art Tips

The best way to create art in your latte is by knowing what to create before you pour. Thinking of a design ensures that you have no hesitation as you pour the milk. 

It’s also best that you control your wiggle towards the end of the process. Wiggling allows you to make a pattern on your latte. Too much movement will cause you to ruin your design and maybe spill your drink.

To get better at this, think of wiggling as scribbling a small doodle on a piece of paper. The small movements will be enough to help you create beautiful patterns in your cup of coffee. 

Your Complete Guide to Latte Art

Step up your morning coffee by creating beautiful latte art. Use this guide to learn how you can do this and how to be good at it. Create the perfect cup of latte today!

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