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Hey, everybody hope you’re having a good day. John Lynn here with Hugo coffee roasters, and we are going to talk about the arrow press. The arrow press is fairly new to me. Um, I want to pick this up a couple of weeks ago and been doing some experimenting and I have to say, I really like it. It’s, um, really impressive to me for a number of different reasons.

Um, number one, it’s great for traveling. You know, if you’re camping, if you’re car, you don’t want to drink hotel, coffee, different things like that. Um, it’s easily, compactable, it’s fairly light and they claim it’s pretty much indestructible. So, um, definitely some cool pluses for that. Um, got a chance to try it in the back country made great coffee out there.

So, so really cool little, uh, Way to brew coffee. Another thing I really like about the Aero press is how multifunctional it can be. How many different ways I brew coffee, I can either make a really strong, concentrated, um, espresso style, um, brew in this. It’s not exactly the same as espresso, but something that is pretty palatable.

Something that I really liked. And you could definitely mix with milk and have your own little latte at your house. Um, as well as, you know, what you can do for so many different ways, so many different recipes. Um, today I’m going to talk about two different recipes. Um, we’re going to start with what I, they call the inverted method.

Um, I’ve learned is what it’s called and basically instead of brewing. Like Aero press recommends and how their little Abreu guide works. When you open the box. When you open that up, we’re going to flip it upside down. We’re going to brew like this. And the main reason that I really liked doing this inverted style is because once you get your little filter on here and you get your coffee and water in there, it starts dripping out the bottom pretty quickly.

And what you need to do is pop this top on here to create a vacuum so that it doesn’t drip, but it can be a little finicky. You lose some copy. I have found that I much preferred just to do it upside down. And then when you start, your Bond’s already in there, there’s nowhere the coffee or the water can go.

So that’s a, how are we going to brew our Aero press today? First thing you’re going to want to do get some hot water. You’re going to rent this out kind of pre right? No. So you had to do that. We’re going to get some, uh, hot water in our cattle just right off boiling.

No, I throw a little bit, I have water in my coffee cup just so we can make sure that our coffee cup is nice and warm. We’re ready to pour that coffee in there. Don’t use any heat. Mostly. We’re going to go ahead and do a little rinse in here. Get any dust particles that may be in there, or, uh, you know, any coffee grounds that might be in there.

And just to kind of heat this up a little bit. So it’s not taking heat out of our coffee. Once again, we have our little brew basket right here. Not sure if you guys can see this black made of plastics and fairly large holes in there. Um, and then arrow press. Has their own custom little paper filters right here.

So we’re going to just set that paper filter right inside this little, uh, kind of brew basket thing. I’m going to take our hot water and we’re just going to go ahead and rinse that paper, just like with any kind of grew method you do, and you sort of pour over any filter GRU method. We really want to wrench that paper off just to get that kind of paper tastes out of there.

So we’re getting. All the coffee flavor and not that paper flavor. Okay. That water out of there. Now, what we’re going to do is weigh out our coffee for this recipe. We’re going to use 200 grams of water. We’re going to give you 16 grams of coffee, which is giving us a 12 to 13, 12 and a half to one ratio. A water to coffee ratio. So we’re going to take some of our Hugo copy right here, going to go ahead and get 16 grams too much. Okay. And the copy we’re using today is a new copy for Hugo coffee roasters.

And it’s a copy from Honduras. Um, it’s a honey process. It’s, uh, Really sweet kind of tangy coffee, real fruity, kind of got some pineapple acidity in there. Um, a coffee that I’ve really been liking lately. So that’s what we’re going to be using. And then go ahead and grind this that was great. Now there’s so many different ways to, like I was saying, to use and to make coffee with the arrow press. Um, there’s ways you can make kind of a concentrate in that water after which is, um, something that’s kind of cool. If you need a little bit larger cup of coffee, because this really only does produce about an eight to 10 ounce cup of coffee.

Um, so a lot of people do like to do that. Um, Different ways you can cry in your copy. And, but for this recipe, we’re going to go ahead and use a slightly finer ground. Um, nowhere near espresso, something close to what you would use for a V 60. Um, so it’s going to be, in-between kind of an espresso and a drip grind leaning a little closer to drip, then espresso.

So kind of a finer ground. We’re going to go ahead and pour our coffee right into our arrow pressed. And I like to give it a little shake, kind of flattened that coffee out. And then what we’re gonna do is pour 200 grams of water into our Aero press. And we’re gonna start our timer as soon as we start pouring.

When you kind of want to do little circles, want to get as much of that coffee saturated as you possibly can.

Then there is our 200. Now what we’re going to do is go ahead and give this a little stir. I’ve noticed that there can be clumps of copy at the bottom of this. So it’s really important to give it a stir right off the bat.

And now it’s a little bit of a waiting game. So what I’m going to do is wait until about a minute and then I’m going to give it another little stir. So any of those grounds that have kind of gone to the top, I can stir those up, get those mixed back in with the coffee. We’re getting close about five seconds away to one going to do another quick stir there.

And now we’ve got a one minute wait time. So what we’re going to do is for the moment we pour this, uh, first drop of water to, it’s going to take two minutes until we are going to flip this over and start plunging it into our company. So at this point, we can take our paper filter. That’s been pre wet inside of our little basket.

Here. We will go ahead and set this on top of those little groups. And set it in there and turn, so it fits nicely. And I’m going to go ahead and get that hot water out of my cup so that I am ready, sort of brutal about 15 seconds out. Um, let me plunge, you want to punch a little bit slower? I don’t really want to force it.

Um, just kind of a nice and slow plunge for me. It takes about 30 seconds. So from the time I first pour water to when I’m done plunging this, it takes about two and a half minutes. Throughout the two minute Mark, let me go ahead and flip this and we’re going to start our point, which you want to just slowly steadily pushing this down and you’ll know when all the copies out of there, because you’ll hear a little S and that is air pushing through instead of water.

So at that point, we know that we’re done. Right at two 30, uh, our great little arrow press cup of coffee here. Now it’s a little hot, I liked a lot mindset for a minute or two. Um, it’s just off boiling when we start brewing, it’s only two minute brew time. So that water is still pretty hot. So we’re going to want to let that sit kind of hang out for a bit before we start drinking it.

So number one, we don’t burn our tongue number two, so we can actually taste like coffee, coffee. That’s too hot. You can’t really taste one to let that cool down just a little bit, while we’re waiting, I’m going to show you guys another way to make coffee in the Aero press. Now, like I was saying, as I’ve been doing research and trying things out, there are tons of ways to make a good cup of coffee in this.

You can make an espresso, you can make that concentrate. I was talking about there’s different coffee to water ratios. There’s different grind settings you can use. So really kind of the. World is your oyster here on this one. There’s not a lot of right and wrong here. Funds the coffee tastes good to you.

You’re doing good. Um, another cool thing about the air press cleanup is a breeze. So I’ll work in it is take this over the garbage can and push that plunger down a little bit. And it pops off that copy just like a puck up espresso. So you just pop fried off and you’re ready to go for your next cut. Well, like the view is just rinse off any little brines that might be on there before I start my next,
sorry for the loud noises, there seems to be a truck outside. You hear it, but it’s loud in here. Anyway, we’re going to go ahead and do another inverted method. Um, so we’ll set our arrow press upside down just as we did before.

And we’re going to get our coffee ready. Now this time, we’re going to be making a really strong cup of coffee. We’re going to be doing, um, an espresso type brew. Um, one second. Hey Blake, would you shut that garage for me? Just so we can, uh, get those noises up. Thank you. Sorry for the interruption folks. Um, we’re going to make an espresso here.

Something that you can mix with water to make an Americano at home, but I know for a latte or just straight as now, it’s not going to be exactly like an espresso, but if you really want to express that and you’re at home, this is a great way to do it and it can make something that’s really tasty. Um, what I like to do is start with 20 grams of coffee.

So we’re going to go ahead robbing in any of the tear that out first.

there we go. We need to get our 20 grams of property.

There we go. And we are gonna brand this very fine, just as fine as you would on an espresso. So as you guys know, if you’ve watched the other videos, I really like to use. The Baratza Encore. It’s a great home. Grindr does a really good job cafe quality per grinder, and that’s affordable. It’s and then anyone can have on the burrata Encore, I’m grinding this on a setting that the sips, so very fun.

Well, I went back to grind them and they go ahead and let this heat up a little bit on, I seem to have forgotten the top four espresso, so I’ll be right back.

Okay, we’re going to make sure our cup is nice and warm.

I’m going to go ahead and get. Some fresh water to make sure it’s still nice and hot.

And we’ve got our espresso right here. Go ahead and get rid of this water, going to take that paper filter, set it inside our little filter basket. Free wireless rinse that filter out real good.
Okay. So on this ratio, we are going to use, here we go. My phone’s dying on this ratio. We’re going to be using a three, two, one water to copier ratio. So we’re doing 20 grams of copy. So we’re going to do 60 grams of water. So let me go ahead, get all my coffee in there, like to make sure that’s nice and level. And on this one, I’m going to dump this water out of my cup a little bit early, because it’s a much faster brew method.

Now we’re going to start our timer. As soon as we start pouring water in and we’re going for 60 grams of water.

yeah, we are as quickly as we can. We’re going to want to come in here and stir, get all those dry clumps off the bottom.

Make sure all those grounds are saturated. Then we’re going to go ahead and pop our brew basket right back on top here. So we are ready to go. As soon as this is at 45 seconds, we’re going to go ahead and take this, flip it into our cup, and we’re going to start our clench. Now this plan, just going to be a little bit, have a little bit more resistance to it. Since our grind setting is much finer. Um, so just go nice and slow until you hear that air pushing out the bottom.

There we are. And then I like to be, you know, fancy and. Transferred to my espresso cup. So now we’ve made our little baby espresso here. Like I said, you can use to make an Americano or latte or drink as ends machiatto whatever you want to do. Um, it tastes great. And at this time, our first cup is ready to go.

Really nice. Really delicious coffee. Go ahead and give this a taste.

Wow. Really good, really good stuff. Anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hope you learned a finger too. And um, if you don’t already have one, I do recommend picking one of these up. It’s great to throw in your card. You know, you’re going to go on a little motorcycle trip or go backpacking, whatever you want to do.

Great option that can make great copy a bunch of different ways. Um, really appreciate you guys tuning in and have a good day. Thank you. Bye-bye.