All About Our Fundraising Process

Love coffee and dogs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Hugo Coffee Roaster, we are passionate about providing delicious-tasting and sustainably sourced coffee – all while giving back to our four-legged friends. We believe that being a responsible company doesn’t mean overlooking those in need; this is why every month, we partner with different animal rescues around the country on our fundraising program to help make sure these animals get the care they deserve.

Want to learn more about this pawsome program and our fundraising methods? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Joining the Hugo Fundraising Program

As a non-profit organization, you can benefit from our campaign through various fundraising methods. We can make a direct donation to you or arrange special fundraising events for you. We’ll work with you to create something special.

Want to arrange an auction? We can run a silent auction for you or donate unique or limited edition items for a raffle or auction. If you have an idea of how we can help you raise funds, feel free to reach out and ask.

We will also help to give more exposure to your organization, building your reputation in the local area and helping you to generate support. We list all our partner organizations on our website so you can share pictures and information related to your work with animals. 

We make it easy to sign up. All you need to do is email, and we’ll get you started. We have a genuine passion for helping animals, so we’d love to hear from you. 

You’ll be in good company, too. We work with a wide range of local non-profit organizations, helping them to fundraise and boost their profiles. 

With all these benefits and more, you’d be barking mad to miss out! Reach out to us, and you’ll see why so many animal rescues and other programs love to work with us. 

All About Our Fundraising Process

Can We Have Multiple Events?

So, you’ve already enjoyed one of our events with your organization and are now looking for more. Many people think that this is a one-time offer. If you believe that, you’re barking up the wrong tree!

When we partner with an organization, we try to run at least two fundraising events each year. We are dedicated to forming long-term partnerships that stand the test of time and strengthen our community.

That’s not all. If any of our partner organizations are facing a crisis, we won’t just sit by and let them suffer. We’ll work to arrange an emergency fundraising event if possible, so you can rest assured we’ll have your back if the going gets tough. 

Get in Touch!

What’s not to love about enjoying organic coffee and helping animals? We guarantee the Hugo Fundraising Program will leave you wagging your tail. 

If you think your organization could benefit from our program, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please email us or click here to learn more about the program.