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Thank You for Being a Friend

Betty White: award-winning actress, volunteer in WWII, all-around icon, and, of course, animal lover–at one point, she had 26 dogs and, presumably, a life full of joy and cuddles! Besides having up to two dozen dogs in her home, Betty’s love for animals impacted her entire life, and she spent much of her time, energy, and money advocating for animals of all kinds. In fact, she has said that she prefers animals to people and…nobody’s disagreeing with her.

For almost 100 years, Betty’s incomparable charm earned her a place near and dear to our hearts. We honor what would have been her 100th birthday with a special bundle inspired by our shared love of saving dogs.

Thank You for Being a Friend: Betty White Day 2022
Thank You for Being a Friend: Betty White Day 2022

Betty’s Brew + Hugo’s Mission

From her advocacy and donations to animal shelters around the U.S., to her 45 year partnership with the Los Angeles Zoo, Betty’s second career was loving animals of all kinds, which is why creating a coffee blend inspired by her was a no-brainer.

At Hugo Coffee, our mission is to sell coffee to save dogs. We take our work seriously, and choose delicious beans from fair trade sources, and then use the same care and consideration when selecting shelters to work with. Our two passions–coffee and canines–come together with every cup.

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