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LIVE with Claudia and Lindsay Ortega w_ Nuzzles _ Co

Good morning everybody. Hi, I’m Claudia McMullin, uh, founder of Hugo coffee roasters. And today for our live stream, we have a very special guest and it’s my friend Lindsay or it’s mania, who is the executive director of Nelson company, which as you probably know, is one of the beneficiaries of the Hugo coffee roasters.

Animal rescue give back program. Um, just to remind everybody, Hugo coffee roasters is a woman owned coffee roasting company, whose mission is to save animals by roasting fantastic fair trade, organic coffee. And we currently support animal rescues, including best friends, animal society, nuzzles, and company, and paws for life.

So without further ado, I would love to introduce everyone to Lindsay Ortega, who has recently become the executive director of Nestles and company. Good morning, Lindsay. Good morning. How are you? I’m well, how are you? Yeah, tell us a little bit about, uh, being executive director of nuzzle as a company and what Nelson company is and what does it do?

So I was recently promoted to executive director of Nelson co. Um, we are a five Oh one C3 non-profit animal rescue located in park city, Utah. Um, we rescue cats and dogs throughout Utah, and also from our partners on the, um, Navajo nation and nations. And most recently the go shoot nations. Um, yeah, so we are a no kill facility.

Um, so we rescue them and no matter how long it takes, we give them all of the medical care and training that they need to find their own forever homes. Fantastic. And, uh, what our relationship, how long we have had a relationship Nestles and company and Claudia Macmillan, minutely Hugo coffee roasters. So about 10 years ago, um, Claudia used to be the executive director of nozzles and co, which was a friends of animals.

She had taught and, um, did a lot with our programming, introduced our purple hub program. Into our programming years ago, which has been very successful throughout the day, verbal Tod program as a program where we housed the animals of domestic violence survivors, while they’re in shelter and getting the help that they need, it’s a free program.

We don’t charge any charge them anything. We give them all of that medical care and training that they need, um, and just keep them and love them until their person is ready. Um, to take them back. It’s uh, how many animals do you get a year in that program? You know, I think on average we do about that.

It’s been, we’ve been actually very busy this year with our approval pop program. I think we have 18 in our program right now. Um, and then since its inception, we have helped 220 pets and that. Uh, during my tenure, as executive director of friends at animals, which is now Nelson company, that is the single thing I’m most proud of accomplishing time.

When I was organization was creating the purple Paul project and working with peace house to come up with that program of taking in the pets of domestic violence victims, because what a lot of people don’t realize is that domestic violence abusers. Often use the family pet as a means of keeping the abused spouse or partner in the home by threatening the pet.

Yeah. So, yeah. Yeah. So is this as a sense of control? So the, um, the person. You know, who is the victim victim? Doesn’t leave. If they don’t feel like their pets will be taken care of. So, so us being able to take that pet, it’s just the, it’s a fabulous, fabulous service. Thank you so much for purple is very important in my life.

My logo here is purple. I called it the purple pod project. Yes. So tell us now, tell us a little bit also about, um, what, uh, Hugo coffee roasters. Relationship and, and support of nuzzles and company means to nuzzles and confidence. So every quarter, uh, he goes coffee, uh, generates a donation to nozzles and co um, 10% of their sales for the quarter.

And, um, we just, so look forward to that donation because that, that means that we’re going to be able to buy more vaccines, to buy more microchips, you know, to get a rescue dog or cat the life saving surgery that they’re going to need. So knowing that we can count on that support from you and from Hugo’s coffee, just, it means the world to us.

That’s great. I’m just so grateful on our local NPR station for nozzles in company that I think that relationship was like a year and a half or two years where we underwrote the adoptable moment for, um, Nelson as a company. Cause I remember, or as I’ve been told, I think by doing that, every animal that was on that adopted moment ultimately got adopted.

Yes. Yeah. Just that, that reach, that, that Hugo provided for nuzzles and co and in featuring these animals, you know, led them to being able to find forever homes and they were adopted. So we were just so grateful for that. That was just fabulous. Yeah. I love that. I love doing that. I love being able to, of course I love being able to say yes, your financial donation.

Resulted in X number of vaccines, X number of spay, neuters X number of meals or whatever it is you’re using, um, the money for which, by the way, I want it, that this is a good time for me to explit tell people that. Well, my mission is to save dogs. I don’t restrict. Any donation to a particular kind of animal.

I don’t care. I am happy saving any and all animals in the world. It does not matter to me. I’m just a dog person who goes with a dog. I’m a dog person, but I love all animals and I’m willing to, I want my money to go our money to go, to save it as many of any kind of animal as humanly possible. So we also, we also like to pop up together.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. So we do a lot of community events and adoption events where, um, Claudia will bring her events team and they will sell coffee. And then all of the proceeds, um, come back to us at Nestles and co to help us further our mission. Yeah. This is such a great relationship. It’s uh, we’re just so great.

Mark Miller Subaru, we popped up on the, that you put my picture up on your Facebook. The other day. That was when I was holding the two puppies. I know, it’s my favorite picture of you. I’m like this says it all about Claudia. You just sound like you’re in heaven with those, with those puppies. And then anytime we have an opportunity to go on TV, I’m like, come on, let’s see.

Let’s go on to dammit so that I could kiss on puppies. Good morning, Utah or whatever it is. I know we can slop in the newsroom with puppies and tow. My favorite was that cute little Chihuahua with the tongue that hung out. I think we did. Then we do the place with that one. That was a bonded pair. Yeah. I just did a podcast where somebody asked me what my favorite, I mean, the person who podcast, I was asked what my favorite part of.

What I do is, and I had to say, it’s going to these adoption events. Like, I love everything about my company. I love the coffee we roast. I’m very proud of the quality. I’m very proud of the give back, but my most fun thing. Is to go to adoption events, to go to super adoptions and meet dogs and see all those dogs getting adopted while I’m selling coffee and writing a check at the end of the day.

Yeah, I know. I will say that’s my favorite as well as kind of seeing the, you know, these animals make it to the finish line, you know, where they’re, you know, they’ve used the stepping stones to get through our program, you know, rescue medical training behavior, and then seeing them get adopted. That just makes it all.

You know, that just makes it all worth it. It’s just, I understand that. I feel the same. Yeah. And I bet you’re like me and everybody, every, everybody you follow on Instagram is not a buddy. It’s an yeah. Yes. And lots of pages that I’m friends with that are, you know, Jeffrey, Kai, the rescue dog, and you know, so I just, I love watching that right now.

I’m obsessed with Togi tugboat. Oh, yes, yes. Yep. Me too pickles. I love the new sister. The new sister. Yes. The jerking Gherkin. Yes. I only touch that base. I just love that. Oh, I know. It’s like the most fun thing ever. Yeah. Following dogs on Instagram, going to animal rescue events, super adoptions, and doing everything we can to make sure because you and I, and everybody in our world.

We all want, we all strive for a world. Where there are no unwanted unloved, abused, or neglected animals. I want to say to you, Lindsay, I’m so proud you for your, for being such an amazing animal rescuer and advocate. And I’m very happy that you are now the executive director of this wonderful organization, Nelson company.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and nuzzles do for the animals. Thank you. Thank you so much. And thank you for everything you do, and helping us serve our mission to the community and the animals with all of our programming. And we’re just so grateful for the relationship and knowing that we can depend on this partnership too, you know?

To help us to fuel us, to help us fuel our mission. So thank you so much. 100%. My pleasure. And I just want to make sure everybody knows that to help me help you. People should go to hugo.coffee and buy coffee so I can get more money to Lindsay and Nestles in company and save more animals. Yeah. And if you fall on others and come on Facebook, you can also find the link on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much, Lindsay, it’s been a pleasure with you. I hope we see you again very soon. And don’t forget to keep me posted on that. Pop-up in August. Oh yes. Yes. It’s in the works. I’ll call ya. Thank you so much. Hey, thank you.