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Claudia with Hugo Coffee Roasters

Hi, I’m Claudia McMullan. I’m the founder of Hugo coffee roasters located in park city, Utah. You go, and I’m sitting here in my roastery on this beautiful Friday afternoon, before Memorial day. Uh, Hugo coffee roasters is a mission-based company, a social mission-based company, whose mission is to save dogs by roasting fantastic fair trade organic coffee in a former life.

I ran an animal rescue among other things I bought. I’m also a reformed attorney. I’ve done a number of things, but I ran an animal rescue animal rescue is in my DNA and is now in the DNA of my brand. My brand is Hugo coffee roasters named after Hugo, who is my animal rescue. I’m a foster failure of Hugo when he was three months old, he’s very handsome and he is the face.

As well as me of our brand. And what do I do at Hugo coffee? I am the vision of the company. I am the sales person. I do everything except roast bag deliver, and I’m not particularly great at marketing. So I used to be a lawyer. Um, What sets my company apart? Well, there’s a couple of things that set Hugo coffee roasters apart from our competition.

One is unlike a lot of social mission-based companies. We focus equally on the mission and the quality of our product. We have a very high quality coffee product. We have a range of roast that go from dark to very light and every roast is named with a nod towards dogs. So my. Darkest Rose is called black paw French roast.

My medium dark is called dark roast, roll over breakfast blend Neutrik light roast, Howler espresso, and our number one seller in the summer. Cause it’s so fantastic is our dog days cold brew. So, and we, we have a few other blends, uh, We have downward dog decaf. And we also do a rotating, um, roaster’s choice, which my talented roaster, John Lynn picks every four to six weeks, a new country, a new, a new farm.

And he buys a small batch of coffee and, and that’s his roaster’s choice in a typically light roasted. Now the mission of Hugo coffee is like I said, to save dogs by roasting and selling fantastic coffee. And what do we do? With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation.

That is because of the nationwide reach of best friends. So Amazon sales like sales on Amazon, If you’re in Utah, chances are. You, the benefit will go to one of two rescues in that’s. One is paws for life. And the other one is nuzzles and company, which is the rescue I used to run now paws for life Hugo coffee underwrites, um, our local NPR stations, adoptable moment every week.

And as a result of us doing so we have been responsible for saving over 150 cats and dogs in the past two years by underwriting the adoptable moment. Um, for me, The mission of this company means everything to me. I am the dog person. I am the lover of animal rescue. It’s been in my life for my entire life.

Um, my vision for my company is to be the go-to dot, the go-to coffee for dog lovers nationwide. So the impact of this commercial could facilitate me getting there. Cause that’s what I want to do. I want to impact communities. Throughout this country, animal rescues throughout this country. I want to impact those animal rescues in every community by becoming the go-to coffee for dog lovers nationwide.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.