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Good morning, everybody. It’s Claudia from Hugo coffee roasters. I’m here today in my coffee shop and Kimball junction and the visitor information center and Kimball junction doing my last stream, talking to me about my favorite coffee and my favorite ways to make coffee. So first thing that everyone needs to know is, uh, I’m obsessed with dogs and animals and saving animals.

And I love coffee. Uh, John on the other hand is obsessed with coffee and loves dogs, animals, and saving animals. So way I do think is not as systematic or scientific as John. This is just what I do every morning. And here we go. Okay. I am a fan. Of the French course. So I make a pot of French press of my favorite coffee every day.

And my favorite coffees, my bowl and the Fido. Yes. My dark Rose quantify though, which is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans. And it is fantastic. Love botified up. So I make a buck. I make a French press every morning of this, and this is how I do it. It’s really not very scientific. I got myself a grinder.

I bore about there. How many ounces that is probably three. Then I

That’s what I call coarsely Brown water. Five of beans then. Or the beans and to the French crest. And this is really like about how many beans I get. I mean, how many grounds I have on a daily basis in the bottom of my French fries. So then who said French BestNet and has the course of the ground going?

Fantastic. I then add mobile Island water. Okay.

Then it gets to about this height take, I use chopsticks at home, but here I haven’t had a stern. I take muster. You don’t want to use a metal cert because you don’t want to break the glass. Cause I’ve done that. So don’t do that. So I use the one star star star star star star assert. Then I usually top off a little bit more water.

Then I add the top and then I let it sit for probably I know two, three minutes and before I plunge. So while we’re waiting for me to plunge, I want to talk about a bonafide out into two forms in which I love. So this is what I do every morning in a French press. And until like two weeks ago, this is what I would do every morning, camping.

I would take my French press, this whole shebang, this whole setup that you see here, I would take a camping and then I would have to clean this bad boy when I was finished. And now I don’t have to do that because I have enough fly those singles, which are the biodegradable compostable pack. Think of a TV, things like the TV.

And this whole it’s 15 grams of bonafide coffee in it. And you make it when you’re camping in eight to 10 ounces of water and you’re steep the three to five minutes, just like you would a cup of tea. And then you’re finished toss the teabag cause it’s biodegradable and compostable. And Wella you have fantastic cup of coffee, which I’m just going to say.

I probably you’ve probably heard me say this before. It’s just like a French press. So now that we’re talking friends breast again, I’m going to plunge. Lunging punch my friend, Chris, and I’m going to have my second cup of coffee today because I didn’t finish my coffee this morning. Cause I knew I was going to be doing this with you guys there.

You have it. Claudia’s favorite two ways of enjoying my bonafide though every morning. And now I use I’m a Korean person. I know it’s not cool, but there you have it. So while a fantastic French press, it doesn’t have to be super scientific. Doesn’t have to be super like fancy schmancy. Just throw the bead the course of ground beans in, put some water in wait, three minutes.

Plots. Don’t get start with wouldn’t stir lunch now because we are in the coffee shop. I thought it might make sense for us to have a little tour of said coffee, shop some of the stand up, pick this up. And now we’re going to walk around the coffee shop. So this is the swag area and that’s the hue that is a noncommissioned, uh, painting of a local artist named Sarah Shepherd did of Hugo.

And that very painting became the basis of my logo for Hugo coffee. Roasters, ladies say hello, here are the girls behind the counter, the mask required. And of course I’m not wearing one now because I’m doing this thing, but I’ll be put one on right in a minute and we’re safe. We’ve got our masks on. We have our guards.

Oh, we have more product. There’s are fantastic menu. And. Say hi Renada and that is the base. That is the main remainder of my pantry testing, shopping. As you can see, everything is super socially distanced. Everybody’s six feet at least away from each other. The good part about being in the visitor information center.

Is I have the ability to socially distance, all the tables so people could feel super safe coming in here, got to wear your mask. If you’re not eating and drinking, but feel super safe, hanging out, having meetings, working. We have a lot of people in here working and joining fantastic coffee. Speaking up when I’m in the coffee shop, my favorite is a flat white.

Now I don’t think I have time to have a flat white mate for me, but let me tell you, we make really good flat lights at Hugo coffee shop. So come visit. Drink French press at home, drink, bonafide singles or roll over singles. I also have these in my, uh, breakfast blend just to enjoy Hugo coffee, just to enjoy coffee and just enjoy the season.

And I will see you next week. Bye.