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Well, hello everyone. Every all youth fabulous Hugo fans. First of all, I want to say happy new year, May, 2021 be prosperous, healthy, and safe for all of us. Now I want to talk about some of the things that I’m excited about for 2021, as well as some of the things I’m proud about. For 2020 and all the, and the things I’m proud about, they really do also implicate.

Our tremendous customer base and our fans. And I want to thank you all right now off from the jump for supporting you. Go coffee during what is definitely the hardest year of our corporate life in our lives and our personal lives, frankly, as well. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let me talk about what I’m excited about and what I’m proud of.

So for 2021, I mean, 20, 20, sorry. Oh my God. Okay. So proud that I survived. We survived. My staff survived. We’re still in business. We’re doing great. And it’s all thanks to you guys. It’s all thanks to our supporters and our customers. And I cannot thank you enough for supporting me team Hugo and Hugo coffee and allowing us to continue.

In our existence and our prosperity and our thriving so that we can save more and more animals by roasting and selling. Fantastic fair trade, organic coffee. Um, the other thing, so survival, number one, super proud of that, that we survived 2020. The second thing I’m really proud of is that not only did we survive, we actually launched new products in 2020, which is kind of ridiculous during a pandemic where all of our, you know, where most of our customer base was closed, but we did, we innovated, we pivoted, we figured it out.

And I want to just reiterate to everybody what those new products were, because we are very proud of them. Of course, we got our singles. These are our single brew. Pouches are packs that, that steep like a teabag, but it’s coffee and three to five minutes of steeping and eight to 10 ounces of water. You have a fantastic cup of coffee.

And we did it in our two most popular flavors that flavors, our two most popular roasts, which are the bonafide and the roll over. So they come in boxes of 10. You can buy them on the website and you can buy them at Hugo coffee, shop up in park city. And that’s kind of only places you can buy them so far.

So. Come get them. They’re fantastic. And this is what you get inside. These are the actual bags that come in inside the box. The other thing we launched, even though it’s it’s it was exciting that we got new packaging for our cold brew. We had launched the Cole group packs in 2019 in the summer of 2019, but we got the new packaging in 2020.

Which is beautiful and much better than the old packaging. And then we launched our new trick cold-brew packs, which is our Neutrik coffees. If you want great light Rose cold brew, this is the way to go in, in a pack form new product, new packaging as well in 2020. So we are super proud. Of having survived.

We were super excited about our new products and we’re super stoked about what’s coming in 2021. All right, you ready? You go coffee, resolutions or goals or hopes and dreams and what we’re going to do that we’re so excited about for 2021 include saving more animals. We’re going to save more animals in 2021.

And how are we going to do that? Well, we have a sister brand. We just acquired a sister brand that has the same mission as Hugo coffee. And it’s called fluffy cow coffee. So fluffy cow coffee is a coffee roasting company that we now own that whose mission is to save farm animals by roasting and selling.

Fantastic fair trade organic coffee. And they do this and then they did this and we’re going to, we’re going to perpetuate this. They do this in an interesting way in that the business model was that fluffy cow coffee has and will continue to have to host fundraisers at least once, if not twice a month, that benefit farm animal sanctuaries.

Or an or farm animal rescues. And we are doing Hugo co fluffy cow coffee. Now owned by Hugo coffee is launching its first farm animal fundraiser to benefit Sage mountain sanctuary next week. So we will, you’ll be hearing more about this. There’ll be lots of, there’ll be lots of social posts about it, but the bottom line is how it works is you go onto fluffy

And you buy and they have three rows. We have three rows with an under the fluffy cow brand, and it’s a dark roast, a medium roast, and a decaf. And during the fundraiser, if you go on to fluffy and you purchase a bag of coffee, we donate to Sage mountain. During the fundraiser, we donate $2 and 50 cents her sale to Sage mountain.

So the more we sell. The more we donate. So that is the business model. We’re going to continue to do that. We’re going to be reaching out to farm animal rescues and farm animal sanctuaries throughout the year. And by the way, for all of you people out there, if you have, if you’re a fan of a farm animal rescue, if you know of a farm animal rescue that you want to benefit, please just let me know, because I would love to benefit as many and as much as I possibly can.

In 2021 and going forward. So that was really exciting. We did this at the tail end of 2020. We took a leap and we acquired a sister brand that has the same mission that we do only when with, with respect to farm animals. But I, if you, if anybody knows me at all, they know that I don’t care. What kind of animal that you save.

As long as I’m saving animals, I’m a happy camper. And I am thrilled beyond belief to be helping save farm animals as well. So that’s super exciting. And then the other super exciting thing that’s going on is. I am going to launch, which I’m sure you’re not going to be terribly surprised if you know me, I’m going to launch a podcast in 2021 and frankly, probably February of 2021.

And it’s going to be called drink coffee, save animals. And on that podcast, I’ll be interviewing people in the coffee field, including roasters, farmers, importers, baristas equipment, man, equipment suppliers, and, um, Anything, anything to do with coffee that is new, exciting, maybe even old and exciting, whatever.

As long as it’s about coffee, we’re going to talk about it. We’re also going to talk about animals. We’re going to talk about, we’re gonna talk about rescue. We’re going to talk about foster room. Why behind it, the why behind farm animal rescue, the why behind fostering and rescuing and adopting, um, cats and dogs.

All of the above. And again, it’s going to be called drink coffee. Save animals. It’s going to be super fun. So we’re probably going to, I’m going to hope to do it once at least once a month, a podcast starting in February of 2021. So really look, look for the announcement, cause I’d really love for you guys to give me input.

And if you have any ideas on what I should be talking about, if you know somebody who should be on the podcast, if you want to be on the podcast. You just reach out to me,, we would be really happy to talk to you. I’m happy to talk to anybody about anything anytime. So reach on out to me, I’m there for you.

And then the final thing that we are pushing more in 2021 than we have historically, is more of a presence in brick and mortar grocery stores. So I’m doing trade shows. I’m doing virtual trade shows. I’m trying to get into nationwide distribution because from my perspective, The more I sell, obviously the more I sell, if you go coffee products nationwide, the more I can impact animal rescues nationwide because that’s my goal.

My goal is to impact animal rescues nationwide so that we can live. We can strive for a world where there are no abuse, unwanted, neglected, or abandoned animals. So anything I could do to support that I will. And if that, and that includes nationwide distribution of my products. Fingers crossed that it works out because it’s one of the goals for 2021.

Now that’s kind of it on the resolution front and the big, broad picture of where Hugo’s going in 20, 21. And once again, we’re so excited for where we’re headed. We’re so proud of where we’ve been and we can’t. Thank you. Our supporters and our customers enough. We love you too.