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What demographics should you target if you run a coffee-related business?

Starting a coffee business? Some of the most vital information you need to know is where to set up shop, how to efficiently run the business, and to what demographic you’ll be selling. That last piece is a big one, since coffee-drinkers tend to come in all shapes and sizes, and from all different backgrounds. I mean, who doesn’t like coffee in one form or another? So, what is that sweet-spot demographic that loves coffee enough to keep your business thriving? Our readers weighed in on this important question.
What demographics should you target if you run a coffee-related business?

Allan Borch

Allan Borch is the founder of Dotcom Dollar.

Rely on studies and statistics

Millennials are the best target market you could have when it comes to coffee. According to research conducted by Datassential and the National Coffee Association, as cited by Bloomberg, 44 percent of total U.S. coffee consumption now comes from the bracket ages of millennials. With this, you can be sure that with the right marketing strategy and the right product, you would have a prospering coffee business in this demographic.

Bottom line: Always aim for the target that shows high interest in the product you are about to sell. Rely on studies and statistics to serve as your guidance in identifying the right demographics for your business.

Millennials are the best target

Based on the research made by Datassential and the National Coffee Association comparing the consumption of coffee consumers in 2018 and 2016, [the percentage of] those ages 18 to 24 has risen from 34 to 48, respectively. On the other hand, [the percentage of] 25- to 39-year-old individuals consuming coffee has risen from 51 to 60, respectively. This, with no doubt, verifies that millennials are the best target to have in the coffee industry.

What demographics should you target if you run a coffee-related business?

Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter is the founder of Zippy Electrics.

What demographics should you target if you run a coffee-related business?

Candace Helton

Candace Helton began her corporate journey as an entrepreneur in her hometown that opened bigger opportunities for her. Find her at Ringspo.com

Customers of all genders

If I would be given a chance to run a coffee business, I would like my target market to reach a wide variety of customers of all genders. A fusion of the old and new generations most probably, with the respective amount of safety and security on our foods and beverages that we would offer. With this goal comes a responsibility of providing a venue that would not only cater to the young ones like other clichéd, trendy coffee shops. There will also be fun, nostalgic activities to enjoy for the oldies, and the youngsters can join them too.

Run a coffee-related business at these places

This is an important topic. Generally, coffee is not [consumed] by a specific community or group of people. However, if you are talking about digital marketing, then I would suggest you advertise to [people at]:

1. Universities
2. Businesses
4. Airports
5. Bus stations
6. Community centers

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards, Content Writer at NYC Manhattan Towing.

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