Coffee Tea Bags

The world of coffee has changed dramatically in the past decade. This day and age is a coffee lover’s paradise, with many trends and popular innovations like cold brew, whipped coffee, sustainable beans, non-dairy coffee drinks, and various coffee-infused products.

One of the newest trends in coffee right now is single-use coffee tea bags. Yes, it sounds like a dream, but it’s now a reality. And it’s about time because coffee lovers don’t always have access to a French press or drip machine. That’s why this new product is so simple  but so genius.

Keep reading to learn about how this life-changing program works, and how you can help!

What Are Coffee Tea Bags?

Coffee tea bags are a relatively simple invention. They are what they sound like — coffee in a single-use teabag. With this product, customers can easily steep coffee into hot or cold water and prepare a fresh cup on demand without any equipment or having to share—we call them our single-serving brew bag.

Having a single serving of delicious coffee is already great. Still, one of the best things about coffee tea bags, aka single-serving brew bags, is that they don’t have the high environmental cost of other instant coffee methods. The brew bags are 100% biodegradable, unlike coffee pods. So you can have your morning cup of joe guilt-free!

Are They Instant Coffee?

Coffee tea bags are very different from instant coffee. Instant coffee is, in fact, coffee that was already brewed, then dehydrated and turned into crystals. It’s designed to dissolve in water. But our coffee tea bags contain Hugo’s freshly ground coffee that is designed to steep in water, not too dissimilarly from the results of a French press. These are completely different processes and result in two drastically different qualities of coffee.

How Do They Taste?

The convenient method of using coffee tea bags gives you coffee that is leagues ahead of instant coffee or anything else that was previously available. The key is to seal the tea bags properly after the coffee goes in. Oxygen can degrade the flavor, but with modern sealing technology, that great coffee taste can be retained.

How to Use Them

Our single-serving brew bags are super easy and intuitive to use. They’re as simple as placing the coffee tea bag in a mug, pouring some water in, and letting the coffee steep for a few minutes.  You’ll use 8-10 oz of hot (but not quite boiling) water and steep for at least 3 minutes or longer if you want a super-rich cup.  Like a French Press, you control the flavor by how much water you use and how long you let it brew.

Buying Hugo Coffee Roasters Single-Serving Brew Bags

Our coffee tea bags are really the future of portable coffee. They retain the scent and flavor of freshly ground coffee and allow customers to steep their favorite Hugo beans for a craft cup of coffee. Whether camping, traveling, or on the road, coffee tea bags provide the best alternative to traditional brewing methods requiring more materials and more headaches.

Want to try them out yourself? For some of the best coffee tea bags on the market, make sure to check out our selection. If you think it’s as tasty as we do, be sure to leave a review!