Does My Dog Need a Coat? All Your Winter Gear Questions Answered

Did you know that an estimated 66% percent of US households own a pet? That equates to about  86.9 million households!

With so many homes acquiring pets, more and more people might be asking themselves the question, “Does my dog need a coat?” While it’s essential for some pets, you don’t always know whether you’ll end up doing more harm than good when it comes to their well-being.

Luckily, we’re here to help you learn more. Read on for all the essentials.

1. How to Dress Your Dog for Winter Weather

How you dress your dog is going to depend on their breed. Small, short-haired breeds are going to require a coat or sweater to stay warm. That doesn’t mean your big dog won’t need an extra layer to stay warm, though. If they have a fluffier coat, keeping it long for the winter can also help regulate their temperature.

2. What Kind of Jacket Is Best for Dogs?

No matter which jacket you’re looking at, there are a few common traits you should be on the lookout for.

If you live in a rainy climate, you’ll need a different material than you would if you lived in a snowy one. You’ll also need to look at the fit, thickness of the material, and whether or not it’d be the right fit for your dog. It’s important to remember that it is possible for them to overheat (even in the dead of winter), so consider this when you’re looking at different coats.

Does My Dog Need a Coat? All Your Winter Gear Questions Answered

3. Tips for Keeping Your Pet Warm and Safe

There are a lot of ways you can keep your pet safe during the winter. There are also a few signs you can be on the lookout for, though:

  • Shivering or trembling
  • Limping
  • Acting anxious
  • Tucked tail
  • Seeking shelter from the cold

If you notice any of these signs, or that your dog’s body is cold to the touch, it might be best to invest in a good dog coat for winter. In some cases, it might even be necessary to buy your dog boots to protect their paw pads from the snow and salt.

4. Which Boots Are Best for Dogs’ Paws?

The boots you get will depend on your pup, but there are a few things you should always be on the lookout for:

  • Textured and flexible sole
  • Waterproof or water-resistant material
  • Adjustable straps

Most dogs won’t feel accustomed to boots at first, so it’s smart to try them on for short periods of time inside the house before they’re needed outside. This will get them used to the feeling of the shoes, and walking outside for the first time won’t feel as overwhelming for them or you.

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

So, have you answered the question, “Does my dog need a coat?” for yourself? No matter your dog’s breed, deciding how you can best protect them when temperatures drop is essential. Whether they’re big or small, be sure to order what they need before they have to wear it.

If you haven’t found a furry friend of your own yet, you can read more about rescuing a pet for your family this winter.