Hiking With Your Furry Friend: How to Keep Them Cool and Hydrated

Did you know that approximately 75 percent of incidents in which dogs experience a heat stroke are due to exertion? Whether letting our dogs tag along with us on a car ride or taking them for a hike, we should always be wary of when heat or exhaustion can come together to pose a danger. After all, a hike should be just as much fun for us and our furry friends!

While on a dog hike, you will need to take some extra measures to ensure your dog stays cool and hydrated. This brief guide will explain just what you can do.

1. Make Sure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Water

Even if it’s just you and your dog going on a hike, you still need to remember to bring enough water for two!

However much water you intend to bring on your hike for yourself, double that amount (and pack accordingly) to accommodate your trail dog.

2. Use Dog Sunscreen

Believe it or not, dogs are susceptible to sunburns too!

Most people aren’t even aware it exists, but dog sunscreen is a very good idea if you plan on hiking in an area with little shade. Depending on the length and thickness of the dog fur, it should be applied to any areas where skin is visible.

3. Know the Signs of Dog Dehydration

If your dog is even beginning to feel dehydrated, you will need to pay close attention to the telltale signals and get ahead of the problem before it worsens.

There is a wide variety of symptoms your dog may exhibit if they aren’t adequately hydrated. If you notice excessive panting, lethargy, or sunken red eyes, then it’s time to stop and give your furry friend some water, shade, and time to cool down.

4. Know the Weather During Your Dog Hike in Advance

An easy way to avoid the risk of your dog overheating is to be wary of outdoor temperatures in advance.

If the weather during your hike ever approaches being too hot for you, then you can bet it will also be too hot for your dog.

5. Stop For Breaks Often

A simple precaution you can take to make sure your dog doesn’t tire out too quickly is to take frequent rest stops.

Depending on where you take your hike, many trails offer strategically placed rest stops so you and your furry friend can take some well-earned breathers.

Stay Safe and Help Dogs Nationwide

Whether planning a dog hike or grabbing a cup of coffee, there are always some simple and easy ways to advocate for our favorite pets.

At Hugo Coffee Roasters, we make it our mission to donate a portion of our proceeds to the rescuing, vaccination, and spaying and neutering of dogs nationwide.

Browse our selection to help dogs as you fuel up for a day out with your best friend today!