Earth Friendly Coffee Roasting

Hugo Coffee sources sustainable coffee

Quality coffee grows at high elevations with steep slopes in the coffee belt, a band around the equator where the climate is right for coffee growing, and the rainforests are dense. However, the farming practices often aren’t as high quality as the coffee beans. Most farmers expand production by cutting down the surrounding forest, which makes planting and harvesting easier but can lead to erosion of the soil and sediment in the water.

 So how can you keep your morning cup of coffee from contributing to rainforest destruction? This Earth Day – and every day – choose a roaster like Hugo Coffee, who sources beans through reputable coffee importers that not only provide amazing beans but also choose coffee growers that take steps in sustainable farming. Hugo Coffee bean importers invest in farmer education and help them implement sustainable practices at the farms and processing facilities where they source. As a result, Hugo Coffee can buy from the same growers year after year to create a better, environmentally friendly coffee at a better price for the farmer. Everyone wins from the coffee drinker, the farmer, and the earth!

At Hugo Coffee, we prioritize sourcing quality coffee with certifications like an organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, and bird-friendly.