Etiquette Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Restaurant

Are you wondering how to ensure taking your dog to a restaurant goes as smoothly as possible? There are more than 76 million dog owners in the United States, and many of them enjoy taking their pets around town!

Taking your dog to a restaurant is a fun outing for both you and your pet. Before you begin taking your dog out to restaurants, you need to know what you should bring and how to make sure you don’t disturb other patrons.

Always Ask The Restaurant If They Allow Dogs Before You Bring Your Pup Inside

Unless you know a restaurant is one of the dog-friendly restaurants, you should always ask before bringing your pup inside. Besides making sure you are doing the right thing, it is also respectful to the establishment and ownership.

You will also avoid situations where you walk into a restaurant where dogs cannot be with guests. 

Make Sure You Keep an Eye on Your Pup At All Times

One of the best dog owner etiquette tips is to ensure that you always keep an eye on your pup! Even if they are a great listener at home and on walks, being out in public is an exciting time for your pet. 

There are lots of smells and many different people in a restaurant. This can make it tempting for your dog to wander off and explore a little more than they would at your home. It can also be stressful for your dog to be around so many new people.

If Your Pup Starts to Bark, Tell Him ‘No’

Your pup may be quiet when they are at home, but this can change when other dogs and people around. If you hear your dog start to bark, you should tell him ‘no’ in a firm voice.

To keep their attention on something besides other people, bring along a bone or other chew toy so that your dog is occupied without barking at others.  

Bring a Leash and Collar With You

Your dog’s safety while out at a restaurant is essential. Although your pup may enjoy running around off a leash, it’s a good idea to bring a leash and collar with you.

This will help you ensure that you can keep your dog nearby you and that he or she stays out of the way of other restaurant patrons as they walk around.

Never Feed Your Dog Off Your Plate

You may enjoy giving your dog table scraps at home but do not do this when you are at a restaurant. An important dog owner etiquette tip is choosing not to feed your dog from your plate. 

Although it may seem cute to you, it cannot be polite to other guests – even those dog lovers in the restaurant. It’s also not a good idea to let your dog sit or stand on top of the table.

Even if your dog is small and clean, it can still create a health hazard that a restaurant will want to avoid. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Up After Your Pet

It would be best if you always remembered to clean up after your dog before you leave a restaurant. For example, if your dog has drunk a lot out of its water bowl, this may have gotten on the floor around your table.

Be sure to wipe up any excess water to create a slipping hazard after you leave. Restaurant staff will appreciate this, and it will help keep it a dog-friendly restaurant. 

The Dog Restaurant Etiquette You Must Know

It would help if you learned dog restaurant etiquette before you begin taking your beloved pet out with you. By taking time to learn the do’s and don’ts of taking your dog to a food establishment, you will increase the chance of having a positive experience with your pet. 

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