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In further expanding our mission efforts of protecting animals and educating our customers on more humane treatment of animals, we decided to make Fluffy Cow Coffee, Hugo’s sister brand.

Our current Farm Animal Sanctuary partners:

Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand
Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand
Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand
Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand

In December 2020, Claudia McMullin decided to purchase a new parallel brand, Fluffy Cow Coffee Roasters, designed to provide fundraising support and awareness-building campaigns to Farm Sanctuary organizations throughout the United States.

On top of having amazing, craft-roasted coffee, we support small to medium-sized sanctuaries through week-long fundraising campaigns designed to support a designated sanctuary. With these funds, we make an immediate impact on a specific program or cause.

Saving Farm Animals

Our owner Claudia McMullin sharing the exciting news:

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Photo Credit: WildRoots Farm

Header Image Photo Credit: Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary

Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand

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Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand

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Fluffy Cow Coffee Our Sister Brand

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