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5 Gifts for Coffee and Dog Lovers

We came up with a list of gifts to give to dog lovers who also love coffee. Here are five items you probably haven’t Googled yet.

1. Hugo Gift Box

It’s obligatory to put our own products on this list because, well, we think they’re awesome. Our Hugo gift box comes with a bag of freshly roasted coffee and home-baked dog treats. If you’re trying to impress, throw in one of our handmade artisan mugs.

2. Inside of a Dog

What sounds better than a hot cup of coffee and a good book? Maybe a good book about dogs. Specifically, Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. Enjoy page after page of insights into your pooch’s mind and what he’s really thinking. Perfect for the new dog owner, dog lover, or psych nerd.

5 Gifts for Coffee and Dog Lovers


3. Petspresso Dog Shampoo

This organic, chemical-free dog shampoo is made from coffee grounds that neutralize bad odors. It also offers antioxidants to neutralize damage caused by pollution, sun exposure and stress. How cool is that?

5 Gifts for Coffee and Dog Lovers


4. Dog Coffee Table

Forget about the crate; take up less space with this coffee table/dog bed. This would be a great solution for an overbearing beggar or the pooch who must be by your side at all times. And Fido can always be the center of attention.

5 Gifts for Coffee and Dog Lovers


5. Matching Dog Bed and Chair Cover

What could be better for dog lovers than a matching chair and bed set? This slipcover is perfect for that bookworm friend and her loyal companion. And not to worry about coffee spills or dog fur – just slip off the cover and throw it into the wash.

5 Gifts for Coffee and Dog Lovers