How to Brew a Cup of Perfect French Press Coffee

Are you one of those people who look forward to your first cup of coffee in the morning before you even go to bed the night before? Have you been called a coffee snob by your friends? Does the thought of a cup of coffee made in a Keurig make you shudder?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the post for you. Today we’ve got a step-by-step guide to make perfect French press coffee that will blow your drip coffee out of the water. Read on for the instructions, direct from our head roaster, John.  

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a few things to make the perfect cup of coffee with your French press. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • your favorite coffee beans
  • a coffee grinder 
  • a French press

That’s it! Making coffee with a French press is actually really simple and you can find a French press at most home stores or online for under $30. 

5 Steps for Perfect French Press Coffee 

Once you have your suppliers, it’s time to start pressing. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Use a Kettle to Boil Your Water

Put your water in a tea kettle or electric kettle to boil. You should use a 1:12 coffee to water ratio (you can use a kitchen scale to figure out your measurements). 

Don’t use your tap water either, unless it tastes good. Instead, consider using filtered water or bottled water.  

2. Grind Your Beans

While your water is boiling, it’s time to grind your beans. If you’re going to take the time to press your own coffee, get some good coffee beans, preferably beans that are freshly roasted. Beans are preferred because they allow you to brew a fresher cup of coffee.

You should grind your coffee to the consistency of sea salt. You don’t want it too fine or too coarse. 

3. Pour the Water

Once your water is boiling and your coffee beans are ground, it’s time to pour the water into your French press. Pour it in slowly, covering all of the coffee grounds, and then give it a good mix to get a uniform consistency. Then pour the rest of the water in.  

4. Add the Filter 

After the water is added and you mix it up, it’s time to add the filter and let the coffee steep. Steep it for four minutes and four minutes only. Don’t guess on the time—actually set a timer for four minutes. 

5. Plunge 

Once the four minutes are up, it’s time to press the plunger down and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee! Unlike a drip coffee maker, the French press continues brewing if any water and grounds are left in the carafe.

If you have anything left over after pouring your cup, put it in another mug or a thermos to keep it warm. Don’t leave it in the carafe, or it will get bitter.  

The Perfect French Press Recipe

Now that you have the recipe and steps to make the perfect French press coffee, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by it anymore. In fact, if you can handle a drip coffee maker, you can handle the French press. 

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