How to Brew with a Hario V60

Are you a pour-over pro or a newbie looking to brew their perfect cup of coffee?

In either case, the Hario v60 is one of the best and easiest options around. But, only if you know how to use it.

We’ll walk you through all the steps, making it easy to achieve barista-quality coffee in a matter of minutes. Keep reading to learn more!

High-Quality Ingredients

While proper technique and equipment are key to creating a delicious cup of coffee, the essential element is still the beans!

Start with a high-quality vacuum-sealed bag of whole beans. Keep in mind that the darker the roast, the more robust flavor you can expect. So, choose a strength and flavor profile that suits your personal taste – and keep in mind that your pour-over might be stronger than machine brewed coffee.  

You’ll want to use a medium to coarse ground coffee to create the perfect Hario v60 pour-over. Too fine a grind and your brew might seem bitter and overly strong. Too coarse, and it might lack flavor.

Get Set Up

Once you’ve got the perfect bean and grind, you’re ready to assemble your gear and start brewing. For a v60 pour-over, you’ll need a small scale, kettle, filter, and something to catch your brewed coffee.

Start by placing your v60 above a coffee cup, jar, or anything else that you’d like to drink from. Then, pop a Hario v60 filter inside. Folding your filter makes it fit better and delivers a smoother brew – so don’t skip this step!

Then, add your ground coffee to the filter. You’ll want to use around 23 grams – but you can also measure three tablespoons if you don’t own a scale. 

Brewing With Your Hario v60

Now, it’s time to start the brewing process. Use a gooseneck kettle or a similarly slow and easy pouring model – this will prevent adding more water than you need, and finishing up with a weak brew. 

Pour a small amount of nearly boiling water over your coffee grinds, and wait for around 15 seconds while the grinds bloom. This helps to add flavor and aroma!

Then, add the rest of your water for a total of one cup. It should take between one and three minutes for your v60 coffee to finish brewing. Then, let it cool slightly before tasting!   

Get Creative

Once you’ve mastered this basic method, you’re ready to start experimenting. There is no one perfect method for brewing pour-over coffee, and with practice, you’ll likely discover that you prefer a slightly modified technique.

You might also want to try a variety of beans, as no two varieties will create the same flavor profile. Who knows – you might discover a whole new taste, perfect to start your day, compliment a sweet treat, or put some extra pep in your step after a long day at work.

Enjoy Your Perfect Brew

Now that you know how to use the Hario v60, you’re ready to start enjoying those perfect pour-over brews without ever leaving home. 

Are you hoping to learn a few other brewing techniques as well? Head over to our blog for more easy methods, tips for creating your perfect cup, coffee recipes, and more!