How We’ve Helped Our Fundraising Partners

There’s no doubt about it; we Americans love our dogs. Did you know that we’re the number one dog-owning country in the world? Seventy-six million dogs call the US home, but some of them need a little extra help.

That’s why at Hugo Coffee Roasters, we’re on a mission to save the lives of dogs across the country. But we can’t do it alone. We need you – our valued customers – and Hugo Coffee Roasters’ fundraising partners.

As a Hugo Coffee Roasters customer, every purchase you make counts. These fantastic organizations are working wonders with our furry friends. Let’s introduce you to a few of our courageous fundraising partners to learn more about what your purchases make pawsible.

How We've Helped Our Fundraising Partners

Nuzzles & Co.

We have a personal connection with our fundraising partner, Nuzzles & Co. Our founder, Claudia, used to serve as the executive director of Nuzzles & Co. One of the most important initiatives she set up during her time there was the Purple Paw Program.

This service helps survivors of domestic abuse safely house their pets without fear of retaliation. This allows them to find permanent housing and be reunited with their pets when possible. So far, Nuzzles & Co has cared for almost 250 pets as part of this program.

This program has been helped in part by donations from Hugo Coffee Roasters. So every time you buy a bag of Black Paw, or one of our other sensational blends, you’re helping to give hope.


Paws for Life Utah

At Hugo Coffee, we partner with Paws for Life Utah, a dog rescue organization. They’re dedicated to ending animal homelessness and euthanasia by finding loving homes. Their efforts have saved the lives of more than 13,000 animals since 2012.

Raising awareness of animals needing adoption is a crucial part of their work. At Hugo Coffee Roasters, we support Paws for Life Utah by sponsoring a weekly slot on KPCW radio. Called “An Adoptable Moment,” this slot highlights adorable dogs and cats ready for adoption.

This radio slot has helped many pets find their forever homes – sometimes just days after being featured! We’re proud to make this slot happen each week and look forward to many successful adoptions in the future.

Supporting Fundraisers

Fundraisers are an excellent opportunity to bring our coffee to people across the state and raise funds for our hardworking partners. You can spot the Hugo Coffee Street Team at fundraisers and adoption events.

When you see us, be sure to stop by for coffee and pet rescue – the pawfect combination!

Support Hugo Coffee Roasters Fundraising Partners

Hugo Coffee Roasters’ fundraising partners are doing valuable work in Utah and beyond. Slowly but surely, they’re reducing the number of homeless dogs and finding loving homes where they can thrive.

At Hugo Coffee Roasters, we’re proud that our coffee tastes great and gives something back. You get a great deal when you subscribe and save, as do those precious pooches! And that’s where you come in.

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