Hugo Coffee: A Look Back on 2022 and the Good We’ve Done This Year

In 2022, donations to American charities working in the environmental and animal welfare sectors rose by over 7 percent.

And the team here at Hugo Coffee is proud to say we did our bit, too! We firmly believe that without giving back to those most in need, we wouldn’t have a business at all. And we’re so grateful to have all of our incredible patrons to thank for providing us with the opportunity (and the revenue) to make it happen.

Read on to learn about Hugo Coffee’s achievements in this look back at 2022.

Amazing Partnerships

We couldn’t be prouder that in 2022 we partnered with close to fifty dedicated sanctuaries and rescues.

These organizations are dedicated to safekeeping dogs, cats, and other animals that are the victims of mistreatment, abandonment, and commercialization. Two of our core non-profit partners include Paws for Life and Nuzzles & Co.

These Utah-based rescues aim to end animal homelessness and euthanasia, focusing on rehabilitation and rehoming. They also work on animal welfare education in the public arena.

We also partner with Fluffy Cow Coffee, a delicious roast that is now a Hugo sister brand.

Hugo Coffee: A Look Back on 2022 and the Good We've Done This Year

Thousands in Donations!

Astonishingly, we donated $20,000 to various animal charities in 2022.

That’s another year in review we can look back on with pride. And the best part about that is it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Yes, we mean those who come into our store to purchase a coffee. Or those that head onto our website and order our beans to make a delicious brew at home.

Or our incredible subscribers, who dedicate a portion of their paycheck to supporting our cause in exchange for their preferred roast arriving on their doorstep each and every month.

So, where does this money go? It helps support the comfort of the dogs, cats, and other animals by paying for medical care, bedding, shelter, and food. It also helps pay advertising to get these pets into loving furever homes.

Looking Ahead: Airport Expansion Project

It’s not all about review. In fact, we’re already planning bold new moves for 2023! And that includes being a part of the Salt Lake City International Airport terminal expansion.

That’s right! SLC residents flying nationally or internationally can soon get their Hugo Coffee caffeine hit as they wait for that boarding announcement.

A Look Back on 2022: What’s Next?

Whether it’s the fact that we partnered with so many animal shelters and sanctuaries or donated an astonishing $20,000 during 2022, we honestly couldn’t have done it without your support.

The fact that you choose to buy your coffee from Hugo Coffee (be it our freshly roasted beans or a tasty morning brew in liquid form) means the world to us. And to all the many pets in need across America.

This look back on 2022 gave us a chance to reflect. Now, we can look forward to doing more great work in 2023 and beyond.