Our fundraiser partner of the week is Tiny Paws Rescue Utah! They will receive a donation of $2.50 for every item sold through our website between 7/15/24 – 7/21/24! 

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Hugo Coffee Roasters – Our Non-Profit Partners

Good morning, everybody. If you go coffee roastery, you probably know, um, I’m here today because I wanted to talk about my favorite part of our animal rescue, um, social mission. So probably a lot of them know, um, in a former life, I already own the coffee shop when . I ran an animal rescue called company, but it was formerly known as the animals and I wasn’t the director of that organization.

Um, about 2008, 2012 gearing. Right before I started as the director of a number of them, how this came about was. I had a lot of, you probably know, I really, really did not want to be an attorney anymore. And I was looking and looking and looking for something to do that was not being an attorney. And I tried a bunch of things.

Ran for County council. One, ran an animal rescue, did a couple of other things. Anyway, my good friend, John Hanrahan came up to me and he said, I had the perfect job for you. The, the executive director position of friends of animals is open. So I applied, I got the job and right before I got the job I got Hugo and Hugo is I’m a foster failure.

Hugo was a three week old. Um, Uh, backyard greeted bulldog mix that I got at three, he was only this big, he was so cute. And so when I started a company, a roasting company, I named it after my dog. And, uh, the whole point of, for me, the whole point in addition to. Supplying great coffee to consumers is that I’m here to save animals.

And so how do we do that? With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation. With a minimum donation of 2,500 a quarter, um, because I wanted to make sure that animal rescues got impacted regardless of how successful Hugo coffee roasters is. Um, so who do we support currently? And historically we’ve supported both local and national reach organizations now locally.

And not surprisingly, uh, one of our partners is known as a listening company, which is like I said, the company I used to, um, be the executive director of, and we’ve had a nice long relationship with nozzles. They’re fantastic organization. They just keep getting better. Um, we also support a local animal rescue called paws for life, and they’re based in the Wasatch back in the Heber midway area.

And paws for life. Interestingly is an offshoot, uh, friends of animals during my tenure. Um, so we have a nice close relationship with paws for life. What we do for paws for life in addition to donating cash is we also, uh, underwrite our local NPR stations, adoptable moment, which happens every Wednesday, where paws for life brings a couple animals, one, you know, one or more animals, usually dogs or cats to our local animals.

Rescue our local radio station and they do this adaptable moment. And we’ve been doing this Hugo coffee roasters has been doing this for two to three years. So the first beneficiary was nuzzles in company and now as postural life. But during this time, um, Hugo coffee roasters has been responsible in part for the adoption of over 150 dogs and cats as a result of this adaptable moment, which is super cool, which we’re very happy and very proud of.

And then the other organization. That we, what we, we donate to is, uh, best friends, animal society. So we do that for a couple reasons. One, because it is like the gold standard of animal rescue. It’s a fantastic animal rescue located in Canab Utah, but it also has a national reach, which is something I want to do because the vision I have for my company, Is, I want to be the go-to coffee for dog lovers nationwide, and I want to be nationwide because I want to impact animal rescues nationwide.

So my first step towards a nationwide presence is to donate to an organization that has a nationwide effect and best friends does. And they have a local. Um, chapter, I think it’s a chapter called no kill Utah. We also, um, support no kill Utah. And the other thing you go coffee does is we threw out the summer.

Now 2020 is a different summer because of COVID 19, but for the past few years, and we were going to continue and we are going to continue. We pop up at Hugo coffee. Roasters pops up on my event. Team pops up at animal rescue events. All throughout the Wasatch front and all throughout the region. So we, we, you will find us at super adoption.

You’ll find us at stret you’re much. You’ll find us at yappy hours. You’ll find this at even really small, very small, uh, local hyper-local animal rescues. If they’re having an event, we’ll go to them. We’ll go to the events and we’ll sell coffee and we’ll donate. We’ll donate to those animal rescues. So honestly, for me, It is, it is the reason for my being, I want to, I want to affect animal rescues.

I want to help animal rescue throughout this country. And I personally, I live for a world where there are no unwanted unloved neck neglected or abused animals, because for me, that is the passion of my life. And that’s why I started Hugo coffee roasters and, um, I’m super proud of all of it. So thank you so much for tuning in and thank you for supporting us and keep, keep supporting us because the more you support us, the more we can change the world in animal rescue.

So thank you all so much for coming and I hope I see you again next week. Okay. Bye.