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well, and founder, if you go coffee roasters, you go, coffee roasters is a small batch roasting company located up in park city, Utah, with a social mission at Hugo coffee, we save animals by roasting. Fantastic fair trade and organic coffee.

So I’m a foster failure and he goes, my handsome, handsome rescue dog from, uh, an animal rescue, which is now known as nuzzles and company. After I had adopted Hugo, I ran the animal rescue for a few years. So animal rescue is in both my DNA and clearly that of my brand. So any time any consumer purchases, one of these beautifully colored.

Pop off the shelves bag. You go coffee. With every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation. So from darkest to lightest, these are our signature ropes. The first one is the darkest and it’s like a French roast. It’s called black pawn. It’s it’s a beautiful.

Very dark coffee, if that’s what you love. Uh, my second one, which is one of our most popular, and it’s my particular favorite is my bonafide, which is it’s a medium to dark and it’s just beautiful and smooth and spectacular. The second most popular blend we have is our rule over breakfast blend. And that’s a straight up medium as is our Houser’s espresso.

And this is our dog days cold brew. And these are coarsely ground beans that were specifically. Picked and roasted for the purpose of cold brew. And then this is my nutrient light roast. And these beans typically come from central America, Costa Rica, Guatemala. This is our roaster’s choice. So this is my head roaster, John.

He picks all the beans. Finally, this is my downward dog decaf. This is dog days, cold group packs. So imagine a teabag. Like this filled with four ounces of coarsely, ground, dog, gaze, cold brew, and all you do drop it in a quarter water. And while up 12 hours later, you have fabulous Cole group. So another really fun item that we sell are these beautiful handmade hand thrown.

Ceramic mugs made by my friend, Jessica from meanlucky pottery down in salt Lake.

Honestly, when people ask me, do I like coffee or dogs better? I say, and Hugo coffee, we like coffee and dogs, but not necessarily in that order for me personally. I like dogs. I love my coffee. My coffee’s fantastic, but dogs are my thing. My head roaster and partner, John coffees, his things. So we’ve married the two passions.

So we have really great coffee and we save animals.