Hugo Dark Roast versus Hugo Light Roast: What’s in Your Cup?

The amazing thing about coffee is the versatility that comes with the varying roast levels that produce such wonderful flavors and aromas. Here at Hugo Coffee Roasters, we’ve worked hard to create our own dark roast and light roast blends that speak for themselves. With our furry friends in mind, our dark roast coffee blends include our “Bonafido” and “Black Paw” dark roasts. On the lighter side, we’ve created “New Trick”, our light roast coffee blend.

“Bonafido” Dark Roast

Calling all chocolate lovers! Our Bonafido dark roast is infused with hints of baker’s chocolate to give your morning an extra boost. The Bonafido dark roast is comprised of specially picked Brazilian and Colombian beans.


Customer reviews include statements like “Oh, my God, it makes a wonderful cup of coffee. Rich, chocolate notes, and low acidity. Keep up the good work.” And “Discovered this coffee while vacationing in Park City, UT. An amazingly smooth coffee with a hint of chocolate. Everyone in our group loves it! So grateful it’s available on Amazon!” Can’t argue with those statements!

“Black Paw” Dark Roast

Coffee and chocolate are two flavors that were just meant to be together. The Black Paw presents a flavor blend of burnt sugar, dark chocolate, and spices. This French Roast definitely packs in some serious flavor. For dark roast lovers out there who love a big, bold flavor that wakes up the mind, body, and taste buds.

Black Paw is the darkest roast to be produced by Hugo so far. Dark Roast may have less caffeine than their light roasted counterparts, but the smooth, full-bodied flavor makes it something worth getting out of bed for each morning.

“New Trick” Light Roast

If you’re looking for a coffee that packs a serious caffeine punch, look no further. New Trick is a light roast like nothing you’ve experienced before. Bonafido and Black Paw have set the stage for the dark roast end of the coffee spectrum. New Trick set the bar for light roast with its light, playful, and sweet flavor combination.

Hugo Coffee Roasters New Trick Light Roast With Proceeds Benefitting Dog Rescue Organizations

Light roasted beans hold onto the original coffee bean flavors that exist before the roasting process commences. New Trick is for the most serious coffee drinkers out there who enjoy a more natural coffee flavor in addition to high amounts of caffeine to kick off the day right.

One customer states, “So often, merchandise promoting donations to a cause is of limited quality- but this coffee has a rich, mellow taste that nudges us awake. It has no bitter after taste! I truly hope a percentage of my purchase gets to dogs as I am sure we will be buying it again (and we have two rescues waiting for their after coffee walk each morning).”


Hugo recognizes that there isn’t just one roast of coffee that does it for everyone. Some like their coffee bold and full-bodied, while others like that extra kick of caffeine in addition to a smooth, mellow flavor. Hugo strives to fuel humans as well as the lovable animals who reside in shelters. A portion of each bag of Hugo coffee purchase goes towards donating a meal to a shelter dog in need.

Hugo Dark Roast versus Hugo Light Roast: What’s in Your Cup?