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Introducing our New Trick Cold Brew

Hi everyone. Good morning. I hope everyone having a fantastic Tuesday morning. It’s beautiful in park city. It’s going to rain a little bit later, but other than that, we’ve had gorgeous, beautiful weekend. I’m here today to talk about our favorite summer drink and that is Cobra. And at Hugo, we have two different kinds of cold brew.

One is our dog days cold brew, which is. Fantastic. And it is like a medium dark Cobra with like chocolate, chocolate tastes and Carmel. And then we’ve launching today and we’ve launched actually like a little soft launch earlier in the month. Uh, our new newest cold brew, which is our new trick light Rose Cole group.

And this started because quite a few years ago, I’m going to say like three or four years ago at my coffee shop, we were experimenting with cold brew. So we tried to, we made cold brew from our Neutrik. Uh, roast and it was really good and it tasted really good with certain mixers. Like specifically my favorite is a very high end tonic and cold brew.

So we have launched two different versions of our nutrient cold-brew. This is our Neutrik cold-brew pack, which is similar. To the dog days, cold brew pack and that it is a perfect for out. It’s perfect for no muss, no fuss. It’s perfect for do it yourself at home. It’s perfect for when you go camping or you’re doing anything in the outdoors where you’re spending the night.

Um, and anyway, so what this is is a biodegradable and compostable bamboo pouch, which has four ounces of coarsely ground Neutrik cold-brew inside of it. And all you do is get a quart container. Plop it in a core container. I have no idea if this is a court, by the way, but. A court is what you want. Um, and add water and steep for 12 to 24 hours, depending on what your tastes are.

I particularly like with respect to Neutrik. I like a steep for about 12 hours and then I don’t really dilute it. Um, I don’t dilute it with one part water, one part concentrate with the new trick. I personally just that’s the, that’s the cold brew when I’m done. And then I add some tonic or whatever. My favorite little add-ons are.

And there you have it. 12 hours later for me. Depending on what you want. 12 hours later for me, I have cold brew fantastical, but now the tasting, the tasting notes on this cold brew are, uh, It’s a light roast. So it’s more like a citrusy, like a candy lime. There’s a little bit of toffee and caramel going on as well.

And it’s just a really nice light refreshing summer drink straight up or with a mixer. Now the other thing one can do by the way you cold brew is you can make a nice summer cocktail. And one of the one great cocktail that I was just. On television last week talking about, cause it’s so damn good is, uh, my friends at Alpine distilling.

They have this beautiful vodka. Whoa, here we go. The beautiful vodka. Yes. Alpine distilling vodka. So it’s one part. Vodka then there are beautiful Alpine preserve the core one part with core three ounces, a cold brew, some almond milk. Shake that up. You can even use an egg white, pour it over ice and fantastic summer cocktail.

And now the other way we are selling our cold group is in one pound. Bags. So comes like this. And then for this, you would need some kind of cold brew kit at home, whether you’re using a French press or you’re using a trellis kit, whatever it is, uh, this is what you would be buying. And this is the same as this same stuff.

Inside only this, you just throw away the bag and this, you need, you need some kind of kit at home to make sure. So that is our new item. Neutrik cold-brew Oh, by the way, the beans for the new trick, uh, come from Brazil as well as central America and currently it’s Costa Rica. Um, and it’s a really nice light.

Roast. It’s our roaster’s favorite Rose John’s favorite roast. And, um, it’s very, very popular. So I really hope you guys try it in a cold brew fashion. It is available on our So please go online, please give it a try and please tell me what you’re saying, because I’d love to know I’d love any kind of feedback, particularly good feedback, but I’ll take all feedback cause I want to make sure all of our customers are happy.

So there you have it. Here’s our segment for this week. I look forward to seeing you next week and in the meantime, have a wonderful week. Drink coffee and enjoy. Bye.