Looking to Strengthen Relationships? Coffee can Help

If you’ve ever been awake in bed wondering, “How do I effectively show love to the people near me?” a coffee roasting company might not be the first resource you turn to for the answer. Your therapist might try to convince you that the answer is open communication, honesty, competence in various love languages, etc., but the real answer comes from outside the shrink’s office. The answer is food. Food is love. Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis summed it up for us. “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.” Good food nourishes the body, but it also nourishes the spirit, especially when it’s shared.

How Does Hugo Coffee Feed the Spirit?

Nourishing the body is easy. Everything we buy comes with a label that breaks down nutrients into categories, every ingredient is weighed and measured, and countless books and blogs have been written about the health benefits or dangers of any possible ingredient. Nourishing the soul is difficult. What do people really want? How do we give it to them?

Coffee is a perfect way to bond with people because it anticipates what people need on different levels. Physically, it gives people something their body needs. If it’s well prepared (or expertly roasted, like any of our signature coffee blends), it also gives them physical pleasure. Spiritually, the act of sharing satisfies the natural desire of most people, which is to be seen and taken care of. Sharing food and beverages signifies that we care about each other enough to anticipate the needs of the other. Sharing or giving food and drink brings others close to us, invites them into our space, and turns “mine” into “ours.”

What Do I Get Out of It?

Besides the joy of doing something thoughtful for others, gift-giving provides tangible benefits to the giver as well. In professional settings, giving small gifts fosters comradery between peers and encourages positive relationships between bosses and employees. One of the ways leaders can cultivate a pleasant work environment is by occasionally giving small rewards to their employees. Something as simple as free coffee in the break room or a holiday gift signals that employees aren’t seen as mindless drones but as people who are meaningful contributors to the company’s success. As a result, employees are more likely to work harder in an environment that is meaningful to them.

In more personal settings, gift-giving also fosters positive relationships. After all, who doesn’t like getting a gift? Benjamin Franklin was known to give gifts to his enemies, specifically to foster a relationship that would eventually turn those enemies into lifelong friends. Each time he gave them a gift, even something as small as lending them a book, their enmity toward him would dissolve a little more. Eventually, they became friends who were willing to help him and even give gifts back. You might not be a Founding Father, but giving gifts is a simple way to improve anyone’s relationships. Since most people love coffee, it’s a safe gift to give to almost anyone.

What’s the Best Way to Share Coffee?

That depends entirely on what kind of coffee your friends like. If they hate lattes but love black coffee at breakfast, espresso isn’t the best gift. Figure out their preferences before buying; this is how you anticipate their needs. For example, maybe your partner loves coffee but works long hours and can never break away to buy an afternoon pick-me-up. An instant coffee like our tea bag style coffee blends are a perfect solution. As long as your partner has access to hot water, they can enjoy a delicious brew within moments.

Hugo Coffee Roasters makes giving gifts easy with our gift packs. These packs include a premium coffee blend available either in whole bean or pre-ground. Additionally, these packs include a mug and even a dog treat if you’re shopping for a dog lover. The best part is that with every online purchase, we are able to support small animal rescues throughout the nation. For the dog lovers in your life, that’s two gifts for the price of one! These packs are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and anything in between.

Hugo Coffee Roasters is dedicated to helping people and animals live the good life. To us, that means sharing food and coffee with our friends, whether they walk on two legs or four. If you’re interested in sharing that life with us, we hope you’ll consider our premium coffee that supports animal rescue. We’re so dedicated to the principle of sharing with everyone around us that we’ve committed to donating a portion of all our profits to animal rescue organizations and causes. Our non-profit partners work daily to give animals the best life possible. Our sharing makes a paws-itive impact every time someone purchases our fair-trade, organic coffee.