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Video Transcripts:

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Good morning, everybody. Welcome to our Thursday live stream here at Hugo coffee roasters. My name is Beth Brown. I’m the office manager and grocery store leader here at Hugo. I have actually been with Hugo for a little over three years, but being as how I’ve never done a live stream before, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes.

Just officially introduce myself and just say a little bit about how I found Hugo and what I do here. So I moved to park city in 1995. So by now, I think that considers me that I’m from park city. Um, absolutely love it here. Love our community. Um, I found Hugo a little over three years ago. I wasn’t really looking for a career change.

I’m not really big on change, but a series of events led me to the Hugo coffee shop, which led me in front of our wonderful Claudia. And it turned out she needed some admin help here. And again, it wasn’t really looking for anything, but the more I started talking to her and hearing about her company, hearing about how it was named after a dog, it just became something that I decided I should just take a chance and really.

Try something different. So I met Claudia, I met John and I could just feel the heart. I could feel, um, John’s passion for coffee, Claudia’s passion for dogs. And I’m like bail two things that I want to get involved in. So, um, my role is I’m the office manager and grocery store leader. Which means that I oversee, um, when we’re trying to get into new grocery stores, which is a big goal of ours this year, we really want to expand.

Um, I oversee the process of that, how that happens, and that is quite a process. Um, there’s just a lot of steps as I’m sure you can imagine. It’s quite a bit more than just walking into a grocery store and being like. Look how cute our product is. We really want you to sell it. Um, so I just kind of oversee the steps to getting to that last step.

Um, and obviously we’ve had success. You’ve seen us in whole foods. Hopefully, you’ll see us, um, in a few more places this year. Um, so that’s really what I oversee. Um, I I’m sort of the paperwork if you go up, but I love being part of this company. And if. Doing a bunch of paperwork means that we land new accounts, which means we have new sales, which means the more we sell, the more we can give back to animals like Hugo.

So, um, this company is very near and dear to me, I’m so happy that I found it. Um, my role has really evolved over the years. Um, I’m also involved with the events. So, um, I partner with our wonderful event team to find, um, fundraisers for animal rescue. We go to farmer’s markets and wherever you see us, a portion of our proceeds are.

Always going back to animal rescue. So that is me. Today’s topic was meet Beth Brown. So yeah, that’s what I do here at Hugo. And I’m going to be doing a couple more of these live streams where I tap a little bit more into my favorite coffees and a little bit more into where my love and passion for dogs came from.

I mean, we, we all love dogs, but, uh, we all have a special story as to what brought us. Um, to have that, um, affection for animals. So anyway, this was really fun and just a quick way to say hello, and yeah. Nice to meet you guys. And I look forward to, um, seeing more of you in the future. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.