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Meet Rivers (And Learn About the Hugo Coffee Roasters Mission)

Um, obviously I haven’t had enough coffee yet today, but I’m just wanting to jump on here for a quick second and do a couple of things. Um, our animal give back kind of why I love it so much. I’m a part of this company. Um, the Hugo message as well as meat. This guy right here. He likes sitting in lab. This is rigorous.

Yeah. Well, He’s not having it right now, but this will wrap up. He’s not a rescue he’s from, uh, novels link co, which is one of our main beneficiaries to our give back. He’s similar between four and five years old best gets. And, uh, we just call him super mutt. Cause we think he’s a little bit everything.

The retriever, Callie, healer, you know, people have told me, they know and I’ve, I’ve heard it all from everybody who knows. So, um, yeah, that’s riff and that’s a big part of why the Hugo give back is so important to me. Um, care a lot about pups res with pups or whole life always had dogs in the house. Um, in back when I moved to college, it was the first time that, um, didn’t have a dog.

Definitely. Miss one was really tough, you know, just love getting outside, going on hikes, you know, nothing better than have your buddy always with you. Now he just wants pets and stretches. Um, but, um, let me go back a little bit and kinda talk about, uh, um, starting to roast. So this isn’t the first coffee company that I’ve worked for and definitely not the first company that real support.

Um, But it is the first company with a back and a powerful message. So I kind of started out just falling in love with coffee. I always had a passion for coffee, really enjoyed it. Um, ever since I was a little kid, but, um, um, that’s kinda what led me down the road to roasting working in coffee shops, stuff like that.

So I really enjoyed that aspect of things. But when I linked up with Claudia and we decided to start Hugo coffee roasters started roasting coffee in park city. Um, One thing that was really important to her was dog rescue animal rescue. And it was something that I’ve been in a part of her life for a while, but hadn’t really been a part of mine at all.

Um, hadn’t really done any volunteering. Um, I had never had a rescue dog before of my own. Um, so the concept was kind of new to me. So she taught me a lot. Um, and she got me involved with Nelson co. Um, met a lot of those people, doing events, all super great people and ended up getting reversed from there, you know?

Well, a little over four years ago, I would say now. Yeah, June 8th, four years ago. And he’s been a part of the Hugo team and hanging around here and, um, yeah, it’s on that. A big part of everybody’s lives. He works here. Um, great little pub, but Julie inspired me to try to, you know, help and do more givebacks and, you know, promote dog rescue and, and talk to my friends who are interested in getting dogs and say, Hey, you know, there’s so many of these animals that need good homes and walk at home centers.

Great. Adorable, loving pets. They just. You might not know what breed they are, which honestly, in my opinion has worked out amazing. You know, he’s got the best qualities of a bunch of different dogs, super healthy, really loving pup. Everyone loves him. Plus he’s got, um, these really sad, you know, emotion eyes I like to call them.

Kind of, let’s see you with this human eyes when he’s sad or excited or angry or something like that. So. You know, we just, we just love having him around. He’s super great. Um, and it’s a big, big reason why we are, you know, pushing Hugo coffee so hard as not only do we want to succeed and, you know, making great coffee, getting great coffee to people, but it’s really important to us that.

We have this, you know, give back program is, um, beneficiary program where everything that we sell and everything we do, even though it all is like striving towards making a great cup of coffee and getting our retail bags in as many places as we can that all in turn. Turns into animals, getting homes, um, and was getting taken care of less animals getting put down.

And we just really want to spread that message, kind of get that out there. And, um, We got a lot of big plans for Hugo. We want to do, um, give backs to local animal rescues all across the country. Right now our main focuses are things here in park, city and salt Lake, as well as, um, kind of brand like best friends with the national kind of reach that you know, could help in every state.

Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s been a great company to be a part of. That’s something that’s become really important to me and didn’t even realize how important it was. I just knew I loved dogs and always had dogs around, but, um, you know, that we take care of all these animals that need homes, um, going to these adoptions events, we do events all summer.

And of course this number has just been crazy with COVID and everything like that. And, you know, as it been our normal events season where it’s three or four events a week, You know, and all these dog rescue and dog adoption events that we are normally at, we’re not seeing those this year, but typically in years past, you know, there, you just see so many of these amazing dogs and amazing cats and pets and all this kind of stuff that really need homes.

And I just. Really want to strive and drive people to kind of go check those places out first. So, you know, check out your local animal rescue, check out the humane society, you know, go to go to your local pounds. There is the perfect dog there for you, for your spouse, for your kids, you know, whatever you’re looking for, you will find that perfect dog.

Um, and you know, they’re already, they’ve already been born. They’re already waiting for ya. Um, You know, check that out. I think you can really help your family and yourself and of course all the animals. So, um, I’ll come check out with that. It’s kind of my time just wanting to get on here and talk for a quick sec about, you know, kind of what we do here and, and why that’s important to me.

And, uh, Yeah, you guys have a great day, enjoy the rest of your week and weekend. And, um, hopefully we’ll see you soon, maybe next week with another video. Um, we’ll see what we come up with. So yeah, have a good one. Bye bye. Okay.