Meet the Rescue Pets of the Hugo Team

Over six million animals in the United States end up in dog rescues each year. That’s why dog homelessness is such an important issue for Hugo Coffee Roasters.

So, are you interested in the stories of our beloved pets? Are you thinking of adopting a rescue dog of your own?

Read on to learn about the amazing Hugo Coffee Rescue Pets, and why you should adopt a new pet of your very own.

Claudia & Hugo

Ten years ago, while running the former nonprofit organization, Friends of Animals, Claudia fostered a 3 week old bulldog mix. After bottle feeding and loving on this tiny puppy, she knew he was meant to be hers, and she adopted the dog that would become Hugo, the face of the company!

Even though Hugo is almost 11 years old, he still acts like a rowdy puppy! Hugo loves joining his human parents on runs, bike rides, and swims.

Of course, he does also love being a couch potato and winding down the days napping in front of the TV.

Meet the Rescue Pets of the Hugo Team
Meet the Rescue Pets of the Hugo Team

John & Rivers

John adopted Rivers (aka, Riv Pup) when he was a puppy from a local rescue, Nuzzles & Co., in 2016.

Wherever John goes, Rivers goes, which means Riv Pup gets to participate in all kinds of adventures like hiking, fishing, and river rafting (one of John’s favorite activities, hence, Rivers’ name)!

Beth & Jack

The newest member of the Hugo crew, Beth adopted Jack in November of 2022 after she met him during a Hugo fundraiser!

Hugo teamed up with a local nonprofit, Fetch Cares, and Beth went to meet the Fetch team to work on content for the fundraiser, and her eye was immediately caught by a tripod mutt named Jack.

She fostered him for a week and knew it was a done deal: Jack was meant to be hers!

Jack may be missing a front leg, but that doesn’t slow him down! He loves to run and play in the garden with other rescue dogs. Have you heard of smiling dogs? Jack is one of them! He LOVES to smile, especially for treats!

Meet the Rescue Pets of the Hugo Team

Adopting Your Own Dog

Have you been inspired by these stories? You might decide to give a dog a home yourself. There are so many benefits to adding a rescue dog to your family.

If you’re struggling with negative feelings about your general situation, think about bringing a fluffy puppy into your life. Dogs are known for their ability to provide comfort for their loved ones and emotional support. They can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Dogs are also beneficial for those who have trouble meeting people. Having a dog can provide opportunities for socialization and interaction with other dog owners in your community. Your dog might even make friends with random people on the street you can then interact with.

Meet These Hugo Coffee Rescue Pets Today

There’s a lot to love about the different Hugo Coffee Rescue Pets. If they’ve inspired you, make sure you explore the world of rescue animals.

Do you want to learn more about helping rescue animals in your community? Read about Hugo Coffee’s fundraising mission and start contributing today.