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Hello. Hope you guys are having a good day. John Lynn here with Hugo coffee roasters. And today we are going to do our October coffee cocktail. Um, I had a few ideas for the October coffee cocktail. Um, there was some really cool Halloween theme drinks that I really wanted to try. Um, but I procrastinate a little bit.

And I found out last night that our liquor stores in Utah now all closed at seven instead of 10, like they used to did not know this. So today we are making a full themed coffee cocktail with what John has in his liquor cabinet at home. So today we are going to be making, we’ll call it a. Pumpkin cappuccino martini.

This is going to be a sweet, but boozy drink. Um, it’s going to be really fun to serve, you know, at a fall cocktail party, um, late in the evening. And, um, I’ve even been served these at brunch before, and they’re really great. Um, and I said, well, pick me up when you need it. We’re going to get started here. Uh, I want to say that for this recipe, there’s a few different.

Copies that you could use. Um, but the admin espresso machine or access to one, I really like this cocktail with fresh dispressed out, um, can add a different element to it. I think really brightens the drink up a little bit, but, um, for today we are going to be using cold brew. And I decided to use cold brew just because it’s something that everyone could have access to definitely can make it at home.

Um, another way that you could do it is with your arrow press. If you go back and watch our arrow press video, we talked about how to make, um, an espresso in the Aero press. So you different ways to make the coffee for this cocktail. Um, the easiest way to make the cold brew. If you don’t have a cold brew maker, some sort of toddy or any of those.

New cool inventive, cold brew, uh, brewing kits that you can buy online or in stores. If you don’t have one of those, this is a great alternative. This is the Hugo dog days. Copy code group packs. So these are, if you haven’t seen them use them or heard of them, they’re basically just large, uh, teabags and inside is coarsely ground coffee that we use for our dog days.

Cult room. All you have to do is drop one of these into some water instructions are on the back. Wait, um, give it a few hours. Like I said, instructions on the back few different options for wait times and how you can make this, but it makes a really delicious cold brew. So that’s how we made this cold brew.

This is a cool way to use it. We also offer our normal one pound, um, dog Gates, cold brew right here. For those of you. That have cold brew making kits. You can just pick these up and then throw them right into your cold brew kits. Okay. Onto the cocktail onto the fun part. We have our shaker, we’re filled with ice right here.

I went ahead and already portioned out everything. That’s going to go into this cocktail. So first thing we have vodka, very important ounce and a half of vodka right in over the ice. Next we have an ounce and a half, three to an equal parts of our dog days, cold brew right here. And this is actually a concentrate.

So this was steeped for 24 hours removed. So it’s a very strong coffee concentrate right here. So we’re going to pour that in right over top of the ice. We have, uh, some cream. If you want this to be a real thick, creamy drink, I definitely recommend to get some regular cream. Um, I mean, used a heavy whipping cream, if you want it really syrupy thing.

This is my favorite, but half and half and even regular whole milk still makes it delicious drink, uh, lower calories and not as biscuits, but I like the cream. So we got one ounce upgrading right here. And the last thing we have is a little concoction that I’ve made. This has some pumpkin spice syrup in it.

Um, it’s something that you can just pick up. I get Costco, a lot of local grocery stores carry it. Um, but it’s sweet and syrupy and has some spice to it. It’s really nice. And what I did was I mixed it with some Kalua. So this is a really sweet, spicy kick right here. Um, equal parts. I did a half ounce of each stirred it up.

Um, it’s really nice because the pumpkin spice. Syrup, or it’s kind of, I guess, if the sauce is really thick, so you pour that glue in there and stir it up and it really kind of loosens that up for ya. So that’ll be the last thing that’s going to go into our pumpkin cappuccino martini cocktail thing. Last thing we’re going to do is going to shake.

Why don’t you take the hell out of it? Do a really good job. Don’t skimp on the shaking. It breaks up that ice gets a really cold. It gets a little ice crystals in there. That’s exactly what we want. So give it some good shakes.

Pop that up. Keep that ice in our Straker and we’re just going to go ahead and strain this out.

and of course I don’t have the greatest strainer in the world. You had a, just a cup of like a mess strainer. That’s my goal a little bit faster, but we’re getting there making our way there. We have it, our pumpkin spiced, cappuccino cocktail. But if you guys enjoyed the video, hope you guys get a chance to try this really delicious, great fall time drink. Um, yeah, have a great day and enjoy.