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Turn Your Daily Ritual Into An Act of Kindness


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Our global commitment to doing it right

Hugo Coffee Roasters works with coffee cooperatives worldwide, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Brazil, and Uganda, to bring you the highest quality beans.
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We only work with small family farms or coffee co-ops. That means we know who is growing our beans and managing the farm. Hugo makes sure that co-op workers have fair and safe labor practices, including healthcare and schooling for members and their families.
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Our Diedrich roaster heats Hugo coffee beans with a combination of natural gas and infrared heat, using much less energy than traditional coffee roasters. A second machine called an oxidizer filters particles and smoke created during the roasting process, leaving the air cleaner.
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Our Head Roaster, John, considers everything from varietal of beans, to region, to even the precise altitude beans were grown in to inform Hugo Coffee’s craft approach to roasting. This tightly controlled process and the subsequent blends are how we ensure your precious coffee ritual remains consistently delicious, day in and day out.

Drink Coffee | Save Dogs

Turn your daily ritual into an act of kindness.

We donate 10% of our profits directly to dog rescue organizations, which means you’re saving pups with every cup.

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