Our Favorite Videos of Dogs Playing in Leaves (Just in Time For Fall)

It’s almost that time of year again.

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and crunchy leaves… what else could make this season better? We have an idea: dogs being cute.

It turns out that our four-legged friends are just as excited about autumn’s arrival as we are. Need proof? Here, we’re going to show you our favorite videos of dogs playing in leaves. If these adorable clips don’t get you pumped for the upcoming season, we don’t know what will.

Puppies Playing in Leaves

Is there one thing cuter than dogs playing in leaves? Little puppies.

In this adorable YouTube video, several puppies indulge in one of fall’s most beloved activities: running through big piles of leaves. Watch as the puppies excitedly dart from pile to pile, bursting through the orange leaves only to go back and do it again.

Labrador Leaf Jumps

The beauty, grace, and sheer agility of this yellow labrador retriever are unmatched. Watch this satisfying compilation of labrador “Stella’s” best leaf jumps ever.

We’re loving the slow-motion and pleasing sounds of Stella crashing into the huge heaps of crisp leaves. We also think the butterfly costume looks amazing on her!

Outdoor Fall Fun

Fall is all about bright orange leaves, crisp air, and outdoor adventures. This clip shows us how much fun dogs can have in a fall forest, where leaves seem to cover the entire ground.

Subsequent clips in this compilation depict dogs having the times of their lives in massive piles of leaves, either solo or with friends!


Senior Dogs Enjoying Autumn

Watch these adorable senior dogs wait patiently inside as their parents rake together a pile of leaves. They seem to know exactly what’s going on, and when the door finally opens, they run out to pounce into the pile.

This clips truly shows how all dogs, no matter how old, can be puppies at heart!

Dogs vs Leaves

This compilation shows a variety of dogs participating in fall time festivities, including a smaller dog seemingly getting swallowed in a huge pile of leaves after his owner tosses a ball into it.

Later clips in this video show larger breeds basking in leaf piles with only their heads sticking out. We think these pooches might like fall even more than us.

Watch these funny dog videos as the pets pounce, plow through, and even chew up leaf piles. If there’s one thing that these dogs teach us, it’s to always have fun!

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